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More Harvest Moon: Light of Hope details, no same-sex relationships

Posted on June 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

– 2.5D style is meant to evoke the very first Harvest Moon game
– 16-bit Super Nintendo sprites have been replaced with 3D-rendered models
– The flat perspective and grid-based, limited range of motion are all straight from Harvest Moon on SNES
– Natsume is emphatic that the studio is doing its own thing with Light of Hope, not borrowing anything back from Stardew Valley
– There still aren’t same-sex relationships available
– Natsume will introduce these “when the time is right”


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  • Blake Good

    “No same sex relationships”? Will this make Trump happy?

    • MintyFox

      You mean the only president to support gay marriage going into office? Leftist media is poison, you people have no comprehension of reality.

      • fox_whisper85

        Don’t believe what the libtards post is what I say

      • Wayne G.

        Exactly right Minty. While I’m not a big fan of trump, or at least I hadn’t been. His recent move on Israel has changed my opinion of him significantly. People need to have their facts straight before they go criticizing. Trump has never been anti-homosexual. I’m a gay man and I’m against gay marriage predominately because it was not passed into law and the federal supreme court has no authority to dictate what the American people must accept and especially no authority to create law. Equal protection under the law is not explicable to same-sex couples to be married. The reason is federal law (made explicit under Bill Clinton) states that marriage is between a man and a woman. It had been defined. No one was prevent men and women from being married so the law was serving everyone equally. What should have been done to completely circumvent religious opposition, and we shouldn’t create friction when it’s not necessary, is to authorize any consenting couple of (humans) over the age of 18 to be married via the courts through the civil union process.

        I’m sorry to have ranted on that so long, the gay marriage thing gets me fired up. I did want to express my disappointment that once again same-sex relationships (especially gay relationships) aren’t introduced in this game. That was one feature that made stardew valley really special to me. I loved how they developed specifically gay storylines for the characters. They were well thought out and really made you feel for them. It fantastic. I can’t comment on the lesbian story lines, but I imagine they’d be good as well.

  • fox_whisper85

    Oh boo effing hoo

  • Pepperkeet
    • fox_whisper85

      I guess you could say that they’re…butthurt..over this.

  • MintyFox

    This game is garbage by the way. Its a phone game on consoles. The only people who did a decent job was Rune Factory.

  • Pan Naan

    Is it because of Japan’s intolerance or something?

  • Saki Okuda

    “– 2.5D style is meant to evoke the very first Harvest Moon game”

    Not sure if reusing their ugly mobile assets will evoke any of that. The game pretty much looks like Seed of Memories 1.5.

  • TheVoidBat


  • so when is it going to be the right time? how long do I have to wait?

    • Jo

      It’s pretty ridiculous too, like… it’s been the right time for almost 10 years and more now. Stardew valley has been doing it for a year or two now, and the game releases only once (no new game every year for $50), and costs a quarter of the price. It’s coming out on switch soon, save your money and give it to the right company. I’ve stopped giving my money to Natsume and company a long time ago, until they realize that adding such a ridiculously basic feature shouldn’t take them 20 years.

    • Wayne G.

      I think it’s obvious. When they get new management that are pro-homosexual, or maybe even gay or lesbian themselves, then there will be a change. While it disappoints me I respect their rights to make the game they want, besides if they don’t like homosexuals they’d probably do a bad job with the story anyway. If you haven’t played it yet Miguel I’d highly recommend stardew valley. The best thing in the game is the gay relationships. I didn’t care much for the romantic artist, but everyone else had something to offer and it made the game worth playing. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to the relationship after marriage that’d be my only major criticism though.

  • metalpants

    Why did that need to be brought up? Is it really that relevant of a mechanic in this game? Or is this just libtard clickbait? Lol.

  • Linkavitch Chomofsky

    I’m kind of glad. Everything for the past half decade and more has centered around a very small group of people. There’s so many random groups of people that aren’t represented in games at all. I think it’s insane that one group has been able to throw a fit every time something is put out that they can’t personally “identify” with. Somehow I can play as characters of a different gender or a different race or whatever and I feel unaffected in terms of my ability to get immersed, but you take an SJW and everything has to reflect them and be about them and affirm them.

    • chancetime

      “I’m kind of glad LGBT people aren’t represented” Well, that’s a great way to start a comment, isn’t it?

      1) ‘centered’ Are you kidding me? The majority of games still cater to straight white males. Just because the occasional RPG has same sex characters now (and they’re usually bad, like Fire Emblem Fates’ Rhajat who is a stalker, Persona 5’s gay characters who are treated like molesters and jokes, Serra in Dragon Age Inqusition, the two options in Mass Effect Andromeda being a minor NPC and a crime lord? Though to be fair Mass Effect Andromeda has so many problems already it’s hard to pick)
      2) “Random groups” Who? Are you talking about black people? Native americans? Disabled characters? I doubt it considering you use ‘sjw’ at the end there, which implies the only people wanting diversity are shrieking 14 year olds on twitter.
      3) I don’t have even space left to argue why representation matters but luckily Google is free to me and you.

      • Linkavitch Chomofsky

        It’s disingenuous to put something in quotes as if I said that exact thing.

        I don’t understand the left’s obsession with straight, white males. Should those people be ashamed of that? In countries with black or various Asian majorities, should they be similarly ashamed of their parents and culture? Leftists are fueled by shame and are shocked and dismayed when others don’t hang their heads low at their whims.

        How many games are there about the Hmong? How about games that realistically tackle the soviet gulags and the 100 million plus that died because of leftist insanity? Or what about games with Catholic heroes who actually know what it means to be Catholic? Or since you pointed it out, the Utes, the Arapaho, the Kiowa or any other number of tribes? There’s so many.

        Where is the Gone Home equivalent for all of these groups? Where’s the Tracer character for them? You wouldn’t fight half as hard for a Catholic hero as you would for a gay one because it’s not about representation as a general principal. It’s about a politically motivated neurosis and affirmation. Many of us have had enough of that.

        • chancetime

          1) At any part did I say people should be ashamed? Don’t start off with a strawman for god’s sake. I’m saying the default is seen as straight white male when multitudes of different people play games.
          “Leftists are fueled by shame and are shocked and dismayed when others don’t hang their heads low at their whims.” ….Did you read my comment? Where are you deriving this random crap from???

          2) Why can’t games like that exist alongside LGBT representation? I’m so confused.

          3)” fight half as hard for a Catholic hero”. Bro I’m Christian and I don’t want a Christian hero. Too much room for propaganda and weirdness there. I don’t want ANY type of religious video game really.

          4) You see me as a sjw strawman and have misread or just outright ignored what I ACTUALLY said. It’s pretty funny to see you up on your high horse when you don’t even read what the other person is saying.

          • Linkavitch Chomofsky

            You present being a straight white male as a problem. If it’s not a problem then what’s the problem? Considering that White people are 80% of the population, is it so surprising that the majority of games would reflect the majority?

            I’m saying that gay representation in games already exists and in most cases represents tokenism more than anything. That is to say, it has nothing to do with the characters or the story other than to say, “Hey liberals, we got gay people in our game! Buy now!”

            So you acknowledge that a “Christian” hero would likely take on the form of propaganda and weirdness, but you can’t see the same for the political footballs of the day? Interesting.

            I have no use for leftist ideology. It’s endlessly destructive and held by those who are blind to its effects.

          • chancetime

            I don’t have the space to give a full explanation of why representation matters (again it’s easy to google) but I’ll pull up what I said earlier; a lot of lgbt characters in games this year were terrible. It’s never nice to see yourself represented as a molester, a stalker, a crime lord while the straight characters are relatively normal. When there’s not many LGBT characters and many of them are written poorly, it sucks. It’s not just LGBT – latino people being cast as thugs in movies, or black women as the ‘dumb loud sassy woman’ are all harmful.

            Also I don’t live in the USA, so my ethnicity % isn’t the same.

            Again, I am definitely against terrible representation. But making same-sex relationships doesn’t have to be immediately dubious. Stardew Valley already did it really well and it’s pretty much Harvest Moon with more polish.

            Religious propaganda is on a whole other level than political. Presenting a religious protagonist as ‘right’ is messy for many reasons which I’m sure you can imagine yourself. Also, LGBT people aren’t inherently political – it depends on how well the game company writes them. They don’t need to make a statement, they can just exist like people irl.

            We can agree on that we don’t want crappy representation, so let’s hope that if or when it comes to Harvest Moon it’s not terrible. If they put in a low-effort stereotype as a token I’d rather that character not exist at all.

          • Linkavitch Chomofsky

            In most cases the people making these dubious representations of gay people are by no means against them, but rather very much in favor of whatever fashionable liberal ideologies happen to be floated about at that time. My answer then is if you want realistic and empathetic portrayals of actual gay characters, they should be made by gay people who comprehend the nature of things. Everything else risks tokenism as I already mentioned.

            I’m for hearing stories from varied perspectives, but I’m not in favor of the contemporary political understanding of diversity which almost invariably only means black, gay and/or female. Anything outside of that is disregarded because there’s no real political capital there. The fact that more people on the left don’t see through that has baffled me for some time.

          • chancetime

            It doesn’t have to be up to minorities to write their own characters well though. A black writer can write many good asian characters, a male writer can write many good female characters. It’s whether a company can be bothered/respectful about it.

            Yeah unfortunately some companies just slap “oh yeah this characters gay or black or whatever” without putting any thought into it. This I AM against. There’s also cultural context such as Japanese game devs not putting in many dark skinned people and non-asian radical libs getting mad at them for it (which is slightly ironic).

            However with all this being said I don’t think people asking for gay relationships in a farming game of all things is a big deal, nor is it politically charged. Most Harvest Moon relationships aren’t that deep anyways; the last game I played had maybe 7-8 unique dialogues and that was about it. I have more concerns about the game being garbage like the last one I played than the relationships.

          • Linkavitch Chomofsky

            I agree with you on compassion for all people, but I think in this particular case notions such as diversity have not been put forth in good faith but rather as a cloak to conceal what amounts to cultural Marxism at work. I sympathize with the gay people who see themselves as beneficiaries of this movement, but they will soon realize how expendable they were to the leftists who are now creating ever more stringent litmus tests to determine who can stay under their “diverse” umbrella.

            Want to march in a gay pride parade but you supported Trump? Get out of here, you’re not welcome! Object to an 8 year old being called “Lactatia” and being paraded around by their parents as the world’s youngest drag queen make up artist? Who are you to tell people how to live their lives! It’s all part of the same ideological current. It uses people by appealing to their desires and then grinds them in the mill when those ideas have outlived their useful political purposes.

            Haven’t you noticed how now that gay marriage is legal in many places that Trans is now the new fad? Gay people are already being dropped by liberals in this country unless they continue to pass the loyalty test. It was fine even three years ago to simply be gay. Now you must be gay and stay within a narrow-minded liberal view of the world or be excommunicated in a sense.

            You can see these truths without hating gay people. We’re not supposed to hate anyone for any reason. You can empathize with gay people as human beings and be angry when they are mistreated as people and the image of God in them is diminished by others. That’s good and right. But let’s not encourage their exploitation for purposes related to the Marxist dissolution of the family. That’s how we become demons by degrees, ever moving the dial of society and our own hearts further and further away from God.

            Even compassion can be distorted.

          • ironexe

            “lgbt representation” is a silly argument. If anything, it’s over represented.

            lgbt is less than 5% of the population (in the US).

      • Wayne G.

        The majority of the American population are Native American, because we are native to America, as in born here. That aside it disappoints me that they don’t have homosexual relationships. I respect their rights to make the game they want, besides if they don’t like homosexuals they’d probably do a bad job with the story anyway. If you haven’t played it yet I’d highly recommend stardew valley. The best thing in the game is the gay relationships. I didn’t care much for the romantic artist, but everyone else had something to offer and it made the game worth playing. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to the relationship after marriage that’d be my only major criticism though.

        As for representation, it does matter. What businesses do is allocate their resources and time effectively to appeal to their largest demographic of consumers. Business are catering predominately to “straight white males” because that’s the people buying their games. I’m a Gay American Christian Conservative Gamer and I enjoy harvest moon games. So I’m a part of their demographic, but not in the majority. They don’t cater the game specifically to me, and I’m fine with that. However, what that also means is that when a game like Stardew Valley comes out where I can be in a male-male relationship with a story specifically catered to me. I become a huge fan and write comments supporting the game.

  • Carlos

    Hopefully Marvelous finally adds it in the next SOS game.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Oh yeah I hope that Marvelous adds such a meaningful feature when I’m still waiting on a better Online structure and content along with key gameplay I’ve been waiting for since I played Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. And better customization options that truly represent diversity. (Andbettermarriagecanidates)

      • Carlos

        It may not be meaningful to you but it is to plenty of other people. I don’t know what more you want from online. People just use it to get rare items anyway. “Content” and “key gameplay”, what does that even mean? They’ve been adding more customization options with recent releases, they’re just slow at it.

      • Wayne G.

        There are those of us who could not care less about online features. I for one would love to see gay relationships in SOS (they can include lesbian relationships too, but I’m not going to specifically advocate for it.) I also couldn’t care less about diversity. I may not be white, but I enjoy games with predominately white people, because I like white people. Good looking and overall good people. So what you find meaningful I find meaningless.

  • halcyon

    Good. Don’t concede an inch to these insatiable harpies.

    • chancetime

      LGBT people are insatiable harpies? Sick homophobia there, mate.

      • Linkavitch Chomofsky

        This is exactly why people on the left can whip themselves into such insane frenzies. They read one statement, personalize it, magnify and add specificity which wasn’t implied in order to stoke the “feels” and create a sense of justified anger and oppression.

  • Branovices

    *reads article, shrugs, continues to await Stardew Valley on the Switch*

    • Jo

      Exactly what I’m doing. For those who think it’s an important detail, that “when the time is right” comment is starting to seem pretty ridiculous. When is the right time to add something so basic, when Stardew Valley, for a quarter of the price (and no subsequent releases like HM) have been doing for a year or two now?

  • chancetime

    Anyways regardless of your opinion on the matter, remember that this isn’t made by the original HM devs (who now do Story of Seasons IIRC) and also that Stardew Valley is coming as well which is pretty popular and quality.

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