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Nintendo has more characters to announce for Arms

Posted on January 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo has announced five characters for Arms so far. Players will be able to control Springman, Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Mechanica, or Ninjara.

During a stage show for Arms at the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 in Japan last week, Kosuke Yabuki confirmed that there are more characters than are currently announced. It’s worth noting that Yabuki had been working on the Mario Kart series – with some other games sprinkled in – for ten years before becoming the producer of the Switch title.

There wasn’t a ton of other information shared at the event, but there were a few small tidbits. For example, some stages will have destructible objects. Also mentioned is that special attacks can be guarded, so you have to carefully use it. And the special gauge fills when you punch or get it.

Ultimately the big takeaway is that, yes, more characters are coming for Arms. It’ll be very interesting to see what the designs are like…


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  • ChaosNocturne

    well yea there had to be more then 5 characters that would be worse then pokken

    • Ninty Kad

      To be fair, new fighting games usually have small rosters.

      • NetX (Alan Guzmán)

        sadly is true

        • Burning Gravity

          Personally I don’t see it as sad or a bad thing at all. Having small initial rosters helps devs focus on the mechanics and polishing and letting people get used to the characters, since all of them are new, rather than adding in too many characters, which is the one of the main things that future installments will do anyway.

          Eventually fighting games get so many characters it becomes overwhelming to new people anyway, so at least starting off small helps delay that and give people an entry point early on. Might have been a bit much if the original Smash game had any more characters than it did, for instance…

          • Exy

            As a player, I like small rosters. The less I have to learn, the better. More isn’t always better, as anyone who plays Street Fighter Alpha 3 or Marvel vs. Capcom will tell you.

      • Dascylus

        I can imagine kids today going back to play the original Smash and complaining about how small the roster is.

        • Priscillacmagee

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  • Roto Prime

    I hope they have Mecha guy like Aquarion!

  • KnightWonder

    Something I think would be pretty cool, is if they had a contest. Have Nintendo fans draw up their own characters, each with their own special, and pick the three best out of the lot to become actual characters.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Little Mac or riot.

    • Luke WalkingMoonTree

      Luffy or riot.

      • Jacob Groves

        Toad or riot

        • Ser2k2

          Dhalsim or riot.

          • Leandro-Sama

            riot or riot

          • Necro or riot.

          • Bionic Commando or riot.

          • Exy

            Q or riot

  • YES!! this game is looking pretty sweet. The way Nintendo went about presenting the game at the Switch event turned people off to it and even myself. i thought it was just another wii mini motion game like that wii boxing in wii sports..
    that trailer was bad..

    this game looks like a unique take on Punch Out

  • metalpants

    Looking forward to this little surprise title.

    On another note,with all the leaks that happened concerning all things Switch, I’m very surprised not a word of this nor SM Odyssey was leaked… makes you wonder what’s going on at Ninty… if the leaks are true or if they’re actually being allowed to “test the waters”… hmmmmm.

    Anyway, getting this for sure.

  • NetX (Alan Guzmán)

    It would be awesome if you could use objects there like mario kart

    • idk i think that would take away from the skill / strategy and make it a more random / luck based game

      • Natsu

        I mean, they could make a separated party mode.

  • Stuart

    Great,I really like the designs, this could really become Nintendo’s next big IP.

  • Ribbon Girl for SMASH

    • Pinkie-Dawn

      Not before Spring Man (the poster boy of the game).

      • lightdasher

        Aren’t both Ribbon and Spring both poster peeps? They’re both on the cover…

        • Pinkie-Dawn

          Having both is the best scenario, but since every new IP series starts off with only one rep, you have to pick one of the two.

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Alright, do Ribbon Girl. She’s clearly decking Spring Man on the cover.

          • Supporter

            They could go with the Olimar/Alph route of Smash Bros Wii U/3DS.

          • Pinkie-Dawn

            That’s if they both share the same body type and play style (Ribbon Girl is unfortunately more speed-oriented than Spring Man).

      • i like Ribbon Girl more :V

  • Bruno_Ostara

    Well, if they didnt have more then 5 characters it would be ridiculous. I am a bit excited for this game, it does look interesting, but i really wished they changed that stupid tittle and those terrible character names lol

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    I wish ARMS comes out with 15-20 characters and then they have a Splatoon approach with it until they have a 25-30 characters roster

    • Dascylus

      Here’s to hoping they can actually come up with that many whacky original ideas. Already expecting something like “Chinese Finger Trap Girl”.

      • HyruleSmasher

        let me know when Rope Boy and rubber Girl is reveal

      • Luke WalkingMoonTree

        I could bet they’ll have one based off one of those extensible arm toys Nintendo used to make ages ago…

  • Leonel

    It would be cool if we had either little Mac or donkey Kong as a special character

  • Vigilante_blade

    Meh, just make this a small pack-in game and focus on making a new Metroid.

    • ben

      I don’t like Metroid and neither does Nintendo! 😉

    • Indielink

      I dunno man, I think this has the potential to be really cool. Also doesn’t have to be played with motion controls.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I’m not going to discount it completely, but I admit I’m not going to get it until anywhere near launch. I’m willing to try it if someone has it near me.

  • Jacob Groves

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Splatoon 2
    Fire Emblem Warriors
    Dragon Quest XI
    New Sonic game 2017
    Fast RMX
    I Am Setsuna
    Super Bomberman R

    All 2017 Switch games I want for now. There will lots more announces for 2017 games. I know there some more games already announced this year for Switch but not I want just mention above list I want to get. 🙂

    • Vigilante_blade

      My list of things I could feasibly buy this year

      Fire Emblem Switch
      Fire Emblem Warriors
      Xenoblade 2
      Zelda BotW
      Super Mario Odyssey
      I Am Setsuna
      Project Octopath Traveler
      Super Bomberman R (Once I get more controllers)

      Yooka Laylee

      • Jacob Groves

        Yeah man!!! btw Fire Emblem game main series out next year so I talk about this year but yeah I going get it too. Hehehe 🙂

        • Vigilante_blade

          Oh yeah, I just blurted all the games out. Fire Emblem is the series I play most.

      • KnickKnackMyWack

        Out of curiosity, which did you prefer, Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenoblade X?

        • Vigilante_blade

          The original, by far.

          Now, I’m not saying X is a bad game, far from it, but I was very invested in the characters and story of the original Xenoblade. It may have had a smaller scale in terms of the world size, but it had a more interesting world, and did a lot more with the space it had.

          • Aline Piroutek

            X is a better game gameplay wise.
            The original has more quality, more epic, the story is engaging.

          • Vigilante_blade

            I actually prefer the gameplay of the original. The mechs were actually less interesting to use in battle than being on foot. Still, that’s cool if you love it.

          • ben

            The point when I got the mechs was when the game became less interesting.

          • ForeVision

            There was is a lot of risk-reward with the on foot-builds that doesn’t translate into the mechs, I will give you that. I personally enjoyed the mechs though, since those mega weapons are awesome and I loved the customization part.

            That said, I’ve seen a friend of mine kill The Headless Emperor on foot, and during that he was not afforded a single mistake, it had to be picture perfect to kill him, and that’s something the mech combat does not offer.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Yeah, I think that if they tweaked mech combat, it could work better.

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            I have to say that I agree. Hopefully the writing in Xenoblade 2 is closer to that of the first Chronicles.

      • ben

        Yooka laylee is not coming. Those hacks couldn’t get the game to run on the wii u they cant get it to run on the switch..

        • ForeVision

          That sounds so uncharacteristically vengeful of you Ben. It’s not like there’s a whole laundry list of Indies that decided to skip Wii-U to go after Switch instead. Why the hate?

          • ben

            Most indies that are skipping the wii u didn’t say their lead platform was the wii u. Most indies are not kickstarters. etc.,

          • ForeVision

            There have been plenty of kickstarters, but yes they probably didn’t name the Wii-U as their main platform. However, don’t you think it’s overly spiteful when you consider the Wii-U’s situation? Even Reggie, calls it an indirect “failure”.

          • ben

            I take no issue with them saying that they are moving to the switch because they want to support the new platform. What I take issue with is that they say it was not possible to bring it to the wii u, which makes it seem like they lied from the outset. The other issue I have is people saying that the game is only 30fps on the ps4. That does not bode well for the switch version. Finally, they still have not announced they will support the switch. They have just said…” We are looking into it” in other words… we will make the ps4 game and xbox version and if those sell bad then we wont have the resources to bring it to switch so… sorryyyy.

          • ForeVision

            I understand your sentiment, but they’ve already given people the option to get their money back, which if you consider Kickstarter, could’ve arguably been worse.

            I would say to keep your pitchfork stashed until they’ve actually said not to bring it to Switch for whatever reason.

          • ben

            he money bck thing is also not true. You have to beg them for your money back. It is not an automatic situation. You have to contact them through email and negotiate.

          • ForeVision

            I don’t know the process, as I’ve not supported the Kickstarter. When push comes to shove though, they could’ve also decided that your money is simply gone, as per the risks taken by those who support Kickstarter.

  • Ser2k2

    I prefer a small roster of characters like Poken than a lot of characters that could probably be almost the same characters with little differences between them with different skins. I want all the characters to be unique if It’s possible.

    • Mali R18

      The characters are all boxers , how uniques can they get ? So I think a lot of characters would be fine , they just need to give them a slight gimmick that differentiates them. Similar to WWE I guess.

      • Ser2k2

        They can be unique. It’s not impossible to do that. I don’t want a lot of character that plays the same way with different skins. A lot of characters do not mean an acceptable roster.

  • Tlink7

    Just wish the visual style was more distinct. I wouldn’t bat an eye if one of them kids/squids flew past

  • ben

    This is their new Splatoon. This is the baby of the guy who has been stuck making Mariokart games forever. Thanks to Mariokart 8 being a port the dude could make this. I don’t think Switch will have its own Mariokart.
    Art style is awesome and if it is as unique as splatoon then this will be like splatoon where the western media slate it and it becomes a huge hit. I hope so because I like the look of this game a lot. I remember when people said splatoon was not a serious shooter.. but it has a much higher skill level than most shooters. Like.. most shooters you don’t even have to consider amo.

  • Supporter

    I think there’s more to this game than some people think, so I’m totally up for more characters than what we’ve seen.

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