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Nintendo plans to double Switch production

Posted on March 17, 2017 by in News

Nintendo is set to double the amount of Switch consoles in production, according to the Wall Street Journal. This production would start on April 1, and it would see the company manufacturing at least 16 million units. The Wall Street Journal also notes that this momentum is similar to that of the Wii.


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  • SM

    Good now lets hope it continues to sell

  • Th. M. Nongyow

    This is good news for those of us waiting for a Switch. At least the Switch is not going to be another Wii U, at least for now.

  • awng781

    If Nintendo actually managed to ship 16 million Switches in the upcoming fiscal year, then that would be amazing. The Wii shipped just under 18 milliom during the same period in its life span.

  • Dozuken

    heck yeah screw you scalpers

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Kinda sad how 16 million would put it already ahead of the Wii U, but this is definitely a nice sign for the Switch. I love this thing, like, I’m really hoping Sony rips Nintendo off on this one. We can’t have enough portable consoles

    • Paulinemspears

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    • Taun

      Microsoft would have the opportunity to launch before Sony could, since the Xbox One is less powerful. The only way either would do it is if it’s similar to the PS4 Pro & project Scorpio, i.e. games are just compatible & your digital library just works on the new hardware. That would mean a handheld Xbox One from MS & a handheld PS4 from Sony. I wonder if either or both will take the opportunity?

  • Fantastic news. If that rumored Pokémon Stars game gets released this year the Switch could very well reach 10 million units sold by the end of this year or more… especially with Super Mario Odyssey coming during the holidays

    • Bradley

      I would never turn on my other consoles if pokemon was on it, I hadn’t played pokemon in years and decided to get omega ruby on the 3ds just because and that was my worst mistake, didn’t drop it till I caught every single one …….. so much time wasted yet no regrets 🙂

  • Fernando Silva

    Good now let’s hope they fix the left Joy-Con problem. This week was impossible to play Snipperclips and I was less than one meter from the console. =P

    • AJK

      Send it to Nintendo for repair. The turnaround is fast.

      • Fernando Silva

        Direct to Nintendo or to Gamestop (where I bought the console)?

        • AJK

          Phone customer support and send it to them. I’ve heard people getting them back very quickly (like 3 days overall).

          • Fernando Silva

            I will try. Many thanks!

  • MoYeung

    Wii had more launch game titles…

    • Erimgard


    • Exy

      Nintendo 64 had two and it turned out fine.

  • AJK

    I am so impressed with the Switch, it’s a really nice piece of technology. Just get the joycon issue under control now Nintendo and you have your best console and handheld ever on the market.

  • Spice’71

    What platform do you think this year’s Pokémon game is going to be released on? If it on the Switch, then yes it will easily sell up to 5 million units over the holiday period.

  • If this is true then i think there’s at least one more big title coming this year that we don’t yet know about

    • AJK

      I’m very interested to see what e3 brings. My hopes for first Party would be Metroid and Animal Crossing. 2nd party, Pokemon and third party Dark Souls.

      • I could see all that being announced or teased, except Dark Souls. Although I do think we’ll see another big third party title near the end of this year or beginning of next – Damon Baker said as much in an interview with IGN.

        Which of your first and second party games do you think could come this year?

        • AJK

          To be honest, the one I would personally most hope for would be Dark Souls. But for the good of the system I think Animal Crossing and Pokemon would sell the most consoles. I can see Metroid being the first big, first party title for 2018 release.

        • I think Smash Bros 4 Deluxe and that rumored Pokémon Stars may be the other 1st party titles that could come later this year to move more units before Super Mario Odyssey arrives to kill it.

          As for that big 3rd party game goes, there was a rumor about Rockstar possibly developing a remastered version of GTA IV to the PS4, Xbox One and the Switch later this year. If that happens and if Pokémon Stars becomes a thing and comes out this year I could see the Switch being the most dominant gaming system this year and maybe even for a small portion of next year in terms of sales

          • Pokémon would definitely move all the consoles they could manufacture

    • ForeVision

      I do hope so, especially considering that if some of their big titles are not your cup of tea, then those are some stale months…..

      • Yeah, except the indies are going to keep hitting regularly so that could help out. For me, Splatoon is not my cup. I’ll play it, but not a ton. So summer is looking bare for me, except Stardew Valley is coming then and I guarantee I’m going to sink over 100 hours into that

        • ForeVision

          Stardew Valley is great, but personally I already have it on PC, so that’s a ball that doesn’t end up in my park, which I think can be said for a fair amount of people, which then brings us to many of these games, indie or otherwise, being available on another system already (and, knowing Steam and it’s many sales, will be hard to compete price-wise as well). So the question is, how many people haven’t already played these, or how big of a factor is the portability side of things?

          If we’re talking exclusives, then the decision has no need for justification, as you wouldn’t have it otherwise. But something you already have, why would you buy it again? They’d have to offer something killer aside from portability to make it worthwhile purchasing it again, such as I think will be the case with Mario Kart deluxe, in it having a better battle mode and having, what I think will be a very active online community.

    • awng781

      Pokemon Switch…

  • hi v3.0

    Good because I’m getting the Switch in a couple of weeks

  • Tlink7

    Good, because I WANT ONE

  • Exy

    I mentioned before that I bought two, and I did, but my brother somehow managed to drop his and break it so he took my spare. So much for that.

    • Kenshin0011

      Ouch, I wonder how many so far have died an early death.

    • Addy

      Butterfingers he is. Shame that happened.

  • FutureFox

    People act like games aren’t coming for this thing. Five major titles this year at a steady pace. That’s good. Really good.

    • ForeVision

      You overlook the fact that not everyone likes these major titles. I duly enjoy Mario Kart 8, doesn’t mean that everyone who bought a Switch does. I don’t like Splatoon, and will probably not like Splatoon 2 either, doesn’t mean that other people who bought a Switch don’t.

      My point is simple: These may be major titles, but they’re in their own genre, and more games to fill other genres or just spreading things out, is never a bad thing. Preferences differ as people do, and I doubt they’re all universal on what games they like, especially with how Nintendo aims to cater to as wide a demographic as possible.

      • FutureFox

        I understand what you’re saying. I’ve made similar arguments in the past about the PS4 having all the talked about AAA titles but that don’t resonate with myself which prevented me to buy it for years.

        My point to your point is there are games coming that will attract a larger fold of gamers to make the system itself appear viable. Opposite the Wii U fiasco. All I’m saying is these are big titles games that will attract a big audience all personal preferences aside was the case for PS4 regardless if those titles are are AAA third party or AAA first party games.