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Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 launching for Switch on November 28 in the west; Joy-Con motion controls, HD Rumble

Posted on September 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News

Yesterday, Famitsu revealed that Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 are coming to Switch in Japan on November 30. It didn’t take long for Capcom to follow up with some news for the west. Both games are slated for November 28 in North America and Europe.

On Switch, Capcom is including optional Joy-Con motion controls and HD Rumble compatibility. You can use the right Joy-Con to aim your shots and swing knife attacks, and flick it up to reload Shake the left Joy-Con to escape enemy attacks when grabbed.

The co-op Raid Mode can be played online in each game as well. In Revelations 2, local co-op is also an option by passing a single Joy-Con to a friend and take on the horde together. Fans can expect all DLC and episodes previously released for both games.

At retail in North America, the two games will be sold together as Resident Evil Revelations Collection for $40. Resident Evil Revelations will be on the cartridge while the other is a digital download. Both titles are $20 digitally as individual releases.

Source: Capcom PR

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  • GoldenTriforce

    Finally someone else uses HD Rumble

  • Daniel Limón

    Again with the terrible idea to not include both games in the cart. This disappoints me severely

    • Roto Prime

      I feel the same way, hope Japan has them both on one cart!

      • ben

        Nope we don’t.

        • Roto Prime

          Ben for the rip ;____; I am defeated……

        • Busterblade

          So Capcom’s messing around is even affecting Japan? I’d like to be surprised, but that would be disingenuous.

  • Roto Prime

    This is a good date!

  • azoreseuropa

    If it is the best sell then Capcom will make more for Nintendo Switch. Do it, everybody. BUY THEM!

    • Busterblade

      Besides that I don’t even like the genre these games are in, with Capcom shafting the Nintendo base in the West with XX, why should anyone belonging to said base do them any favours? It’s like giving someone a present, after they have just torn your favourite shirt apart.

      • Tjnswitch

        i agree so much about an explanation!!…if i don’t hear anything about MHXX here in the states come January then i’m going to import it or get the game from Japanese eshop. I’ve been playing the demo its rad !!

  • Roto Prime

    Hold up, hold up!! Capcom I’m going to let you finish but…….no ADHOC >.< Please tell me I'm stupid and this is not the case ;_____;

  • hi v3.0

    Capcom did a good job for this game but there’s something else they still need to do 🙂

    • Ragnell


      • Busterblade

        And which I doubt they will do. They’ll want to see World succeed first, so PS4/Xbox One’s launches will be monitored, and with PC coming after (when is anyone’s guess) We’ll probably see the next MH 2019/2020, by the time it probably doesn’t even matter anymore. Thanks for the non-support, Capcom.

  • Tjnswitch

    wonderful news, i can’t wait to stick it where it counts !

  • Vive

    Is it any good? the collection at 40 bucks sounds a good deal if this is a decent RE game.

    • dathip

      I have purchased resident evil revelations 5x and have beaten ALL versions 5x” because of the hyperaddicting RAID MODE!! Their is support and the switch version will have it as well. I got it on the pcmasterrace, wii u, 360, 3ds, and xbox one. Will sextuple dip for the switch version. Re revelations 1 is one of my top games of the generation.

      • Vive

        Nice thanks!

  • Roto Prime


    Resident Evil revelations 2 is 26GB…..means I have to buy a SD card to play it ;_____; Sadly the game seems to be online multiplayer only, no wireless local multiplayer. I will be sitting this one out Capcom, I have failed your test, sorry..

  • ben

    I mean.. this is pretty good it comes with all the dlc and both games. Not on steam sale that is like $100 for $40

  • I’m tired of mini/dumbed down games. This has always been a Nintendo problem. Thought the switch would be different.