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Switch has a set number of screenshots that can be held on the system and microSD card

Posted on March 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Switch has a limit on the amount of screenshots you can take. When using the system’s internal storage, it caps off at 1,000 images. The microSD card can hold a much more significant amount. With the external storage, it’s possible to store 10,000 screenshots.

The limit of 10,000 isn’t impossible to work with, but the restriction of 1,000 from Switch’s memory can be more difficult to handle. Given how Switch’s internal memory only contains about 26GB of free space, purchasing a microSD card is advisable.


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  • What do you need 1000 screenshots for..

    • Carlos

      What do you need 10,000 for? Lol.

  • Tlink7

    So is it easy to move screenshots from the Switch to a PC?

    • Exy

      The only way to do that is to move them to a microSD card, then power off the system to remove the microSD card and plug that into a computer. I really hope the next update adds the ability to connect a USB drive and move screenshots to that. The dock is obvious, but USB-C flash drives into the console’s charging port would be good too. While they’re at it, they should also add the ability to post more than one screenshot at a time to social media, which would be good to do when they get around to implementing video capture.

      • Tlink7

        Thanks! So it is a somewhat cumbersome process, but at least Nintendo made it possible. Are the picture files in a normal format or some weird Nintendo one?

        • Exy

          They’re 1280×720 JPG files, even if you took them in a 1080p game while docked. I imagine the GPU is downsampling them in capture to reduce write time.

          • Tlink7

            Thanks again <3 I do wonder how the Switch is going to capture video footage in the future… surely that would ruin the game performance?

          • Riku0493

            Yes, it would.

            When Nintendo added YouTube uploading to Wii U games, it was a very restrictive process.

            In Mario Kart 8, can only upload up to 30 second clips of race replays.

            And during recording, massive hits to framerate, sound, etc.

      • Would even be better if we could connect the Switch to a PC over USB and transfer the screenshots like that.

  • anthony

    Seems like a reasonable limit.

  • Puffdaddy

    So someone already took 1000 photos? Dang, I know BOTW is beautiful but that’s a bit overkill…

    • Mihael Keehl

      um i took over 13k

  • what’s the point of screenshots if there’s no miiverse

    • sexnando

      they should re implement it, it doesn’t make sense :C

      i do understand it separates it from the Wii curse, but now that the console is on the right track they should reevaluate their decision.

    • Exy

      To get all the retweets on Twitter, where they always get more attention.

      • who except game obsessed people are going to want to post or look at screenshots from video games?

        who even has twitter?
        active user count is dwindling and it’s swarming with bots and bigots

        every review of miiverse showed that it was an unmitigated success as a social network. it’s an active community dedicated to talking about games on that platform and it’s free of people starting 30 accounts to harass someone, people’s accounts being hacked and legions of whiny haters with psychopathic brand loyalty.

        • Exy

          You can’t get retweets on Miiverse though. I wouldn’t know how bad Twitter is now since I left it last summer but it sure hasn’t improved since then.

  • Screenshot are ok but I could rather record your gameplay