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Switch is compatible with USB keyboards

Posted on March 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Here’s a random, but interesting little tidbit about the Switch. As it turns out, it’s fully compatible with USB keyboards. So long as Switch is docked, you should be able to use one. It even works in games as well for text prompts.

Thanks to Exy for the tip.

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  • Exy

    I discovered this independently because I have my Facebook password set to the maximum allowed length.

    Also, I hoped very strongly for Japanese input with Switch to go with the newfound eShop openness, and Nintendo gave me not one, but four Japanese keyboards. Sadly, it looks like only Japanese USB keyboards can take advantage of them.

  • Rhinopotamus

    I’m curious to know if something like this USB-C to HDMI/USB/USB C adapter will work as a cheap alternative to a Switch dock:

    • Exy

      It won’t, because the circuity in the dock that provides video output and the USB hub is proprietary and presumably encrypted.

  • Man


  • Airsh Bornely

    The Wii also supported this. Cool to see there’s still support for it

  • Operative

    Is the OS based on Android? It gives me such a similar feel to that of an android tablet

    • Ektoras Kalderis

      Nothoing to do with Android

  • Vigilante_blade

    Just because I am a bit mad, I do want tio state that my Switch still hasn’t come today and I hate Best Buy and Post Canada. In other words, I will have to wait three more days to play even if it cones in tomorrow because I work double shifts.

  • ibo
  • I wish Nintendo release an app Android/iPhone with multu-funtions (chat, pic, sharing, Nintendo Store, keyboard and more)