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Switch UI footage – Miis and profile picture

Posted on February 17, 2017 by in News

Another video of the Switch’s interface and menus has popped up, this time showing different profile pictures to unlock. These include Miis, which have a new editor. The footage does not show much of the actual Mii editor, but it does show that you can change their expression and pose for your profile picture.

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  • UI looks too simple, Wii U had a better UI

    • Mihael Keehl

      lol.. this is a million times better than wiiu

    • Mr Ninty

      The Xbox1 UI is to difficult. Better have an easy and simple to use UI for those on again off again play sessions during your trip from A to B

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      oh yeah,a mob of miis making cutesy noises really brought it all together

      • Lolo

        Hahaha, that comment made me die laughing. Good one!

    • AJK

      You know what else had a better UI? Your mum.

    • Masso

      I was more complex…. and waaaaaayyyy slower, it was a nightmare xD mostly at the beggining, when the console had just released.

    • Ektoras Kalderis

      I think you are high

    • Exy

      I’m not a fan of the design languages that focus a lot on flat colors either. I want some texture in my video game windows.

    • nigeriangamer

      i liked the wiiu interface but there is no denying that the wiiu os was slow, its better to have an efficient os than one that while it looks fun, its poor in loading times and other features…but am gonna miss miiverse, it really showed that sense of community and how it integrated into games,i’ll miss all the drawings and “yeah” people post on each of the games forums/communities..but still the switch interface is clean, simple and effective, and i like it, i just hope there will something similar to miiverse on it.

      • Wii U UI was only slow because it had 2 GB of ram. that system really needed 4 GB ram to make it run nice and clean nintendo cheap out but the UI design itself on paper was better then what i’m seeing on the Switch thus far. the Switch design is nice and simple but that’s all looks too simple nothing really unique so far. and losing miiverse is a shame.

        i hope Nintendo adds 3DS like themes to the Switch

      • “2 GB RAM: 1 GB is allocated for games and is shared between the CPU and the GPU, while 1 GB is allocated to the operating system.”

        only 1 gb for operating system..

  • Vigilante_blade

    Wait, I don’t have to have a Mii? Hallelujah!

    • Supporter

      Yeah, Nintendo confirmed this a little while back. I’m glad Miis are still available for the people who want them.

      You didn’t like how your Mii looks? πŸ˜›

      • Vigilante_blade

        Not really, but I feel the same way about XBox Avatars to be fair.

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    • I know, right? Options, what a concept. lol I already see my future avatar there.

  • β‰ˆ KobobKC β‰ˆ ^.^

    I think I’m gonna go for that Callie icon.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    those Mario ones in the circles are orginal art I think

    • Mr Ninty

      No. Mario 3d world

  • Tlink7

    Wish I could have a custom image as an avatar. Thankfully Samus it isn’t Mega Boob Animoo Samus from Smash xD

    • Right? I am eyeing that Samus~. I hope they add Dark Samus too. β™₯

  • Coonfoot

    Nice selection! They even included Metroid! Maybe even more will be made available as time goes on.

    • Linkchu

      Metroid Switch plz

  • Lolo

    The character selection needs more Kirby cast…I need my dreamland fix.

  • Mii is back!

  • bugman83

    Sweet I can choose Fox!!!

  • I like those avatar choices. >u<
    Those are gonna be fun to rotate between~.

  • Usama Notkani

    In a way, this guy is more unfortunate then us. He has has system but can’t play anything on it. If only switch had a browser and streaming apps which he could use