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VGX producers are extremely happy with the success of this year’s show, and are already planning for next year

Posted on December 18, 2013 by (@NE_Austin) in General Gaming, News

Despite the vitriol online, this year’s VGX Awards appear to have been a big success on a technical level, with the show bringing more viewers for more time than they had every thought possible. Viacom’s Erik Flannigan said that the show “exceeded” their expectations, and that the average view time (32 minutes) was “way beyond our wildest dreams”.

Producer Casey Patterson chimed in, saying that they’re already talking about next year’s show:

“Yes, we would love to do this show again and those are the discussions we are having right now, and we’ll produce that show, that stream in the same way we produced this year’s which is to take the feedback of the gamers, good and bad.”

“The only thing we can do is assure gamers that we are listening. They can tell from the show we built this year that we like them talking to us. Good, bad, ugly, we want to them to continue to talk to us at the decibel that they have been.”

– VGX producer Casey Patterson

Polygon via ShackNews

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  • Lolo

    Are you kidding me? All I read in all sorts of Gaming circles were complaints all around. And the producers are pleased?


    • All those complainers tuned in and watched the damn thing.

  • sonicfan1373

    “The show exceeded their expectations”

    They must have had some rock bottom expectations or they were watching something else.

    • The production values were astonishingly low. I think nabbing more than a dozen viewers was a success.

      What else do they show on Spike anyway? James Bond movies? Star Trek marathons?

      • Purple3DSXL

        They used to show some good action movies; not sure if they do now. Oh, and 1000 Ways to Die. But I don’t watch that, usually. I don’t even know if they still do the Star Trek marathons anymore…

  • Nintendo4Ever

    they’re serious? Like…… really? They said they heard the feedback and they are still calling it a success.

  • I don’t see how any video game developer in their right mind would attend next year’s show. For what, to be disrespected?

  • Daisy Mae

    um wat

  • D2K

    If they considered that display a success then I’d hate to see what their idea of a disaster would look like. Talk about damage control. Well, I’m glad they warned us ahead of time not to bother with it next year then because it certainly won’t be getting any better with that level of delusional thinking.

  • InterTreble

    “extremely happy”? “success”?