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[Video Feature] Eggbusters “Beta” Episode – Super Mario 64

Posted on February 19, 2013 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Videos

Before you watch the next episode I want to say two things:

1) A massive thank you to Andrew Nixon, who drew this wonderful picture of me literally busting eggs! It was a great surprise to wake up to this morning, and you all should see quite a bit more of it going forward. With any luck I can convince him to draw us up a logo when the episodes “officially” begin around episode 10. Right, Andrew!?

2) I did one of those cheap split-the-episode-in-two things to try and get people to watch both halves, but after seeing how it turned out I think I’ll just stick with the one-glitch-per-part thing I’ve done in the past. So if you’re going to complain about that, don’t– it has already been nixed. :]


Part two after the break!

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