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[Video Feature] Eggbusters – Metroid Prime

Posted on February 13, 2013 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Videos

A very tired Austin (sorry about that– won’t happen again!) takes on one of the most famous glitches from Metroid Prime– but can he really discover a whole new place to explore in one of the most polished games of the decade…?

Watch it to find out!

Note: It’s pretty late at night but I’m posting this anyway. If you’re worried about missing it, don’t be: It’ll get bumped at the end of every daily news cycle for the next few days. :}

Also you can read the exact steps to do the glitch yourself after the break.

Steps to do the glitch, as taken from Metroid Database:

1. The entrance is in Ice Ruins East, right around here.

2. The first step is to jump onto a small ledge that is on a pillar not to far from the door.

3. Once on, turn to about 9 o’clock and look up at a 45 degree angle. You should see a small square ledge sticking out of the wall. You can jump to it by turning back to the pillar, holding the L button to lock your view and then making a double jump to it.

4. After you make it on, turn to about 4 o’clock. You should see a small rectangular segment of the ruins eched into the side of the rock next to the door. There is a small surface on the top of it that works as a ledge. Double-jump to it.

5. When you make it here, look up at an 80 degree angle and you will see a crack in the ceiling over your head that fans out behind you. It is too small to just jump up through. So you will have to actually jump backwards off the ledge and use your second jump in mid air to propel yourself forward over the crack.

6. Now you will find yourself on a small mound at the top of the area.

7. Take a moment to enjoy the view.

8. Turn to 6 o’clock. You will notice that you can jump over the level there. That is the entrance to the secret world. Jump into it if you dare.

9. Congratulations! Now you can just go about your usually exploration shenanigans.

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