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[NintendoEverything Video] Wii U Virtual Console Features – Restore Points, Customizable Controls, etc

Posted on January 23, 2013 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, News, Videos

Went ahead and captured this footage for you all, just in case you want to see it in action!


– Controls are completely customizable, button for button
– The only buttons that can’t be customized are the control pad(s)
– Virtual Console games are played in 4:3 as opposed to 16:9 (not widescreen)
– Restore points can be set via the Virtual Console menu (accessed by pressing ZR using default controls)
– Quitting a game via the home menu will also create a restore point, just like on Wii/3DS
– Dual-Gamepad support is hinted at, but I can’t confirm that yet
– Something I missed in the video is that the game automatically shows up on the TV and Gamepad at the same time, like NSMBU

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