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What is the “Nintendo Difference”?

Posted on July 17, 2011 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, General Nintendo

It’s a pretty simple question, but for those of us who have been with Nintendo games for years, it can have anywhere from one simple answer to a millions of vague and undefined ones. For me, I find myself more on the latter side of things, which is why I’m coming to you: I’m going to be putting together a massively pro-Nintendo piece of video soon in the feature, and I want it to include not only the opinions of one lone “journalist”, but the thoughts of many Nintendo gamers young and old.

So what is it for you? Is it their focus on things like frame rate and graphical consistency over technical prowess? Is it their attention to little details like easter eggs? Their innocent-yet-deep nature? Or maybe something as simple as “they make their games fun to play inherently– not fun to play because you want to see the next cutscene”?

Whatever it is, I want to know what you all think so I can take them and make a massive list that we can all use the next time someone asks us why the hell Nintendo games are better than anyone else’s. Not to say that there aren’t other great games, but there’s just something about games made by the big N that have a special ring to them, and I think a lot of you agree!

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  • Fabrizio Danilo Iasella

    Nintendo games usually invite the players for a joyful and challenging playtime. It gives a positive tension to the player, as opposed to games that strive for more realistic settings and “dark stories”, which don’t really put a smile on your face.

  • Fore

    I’ve not really noticed that difference these last couple of months, simply because the games to my liking haven’t come out yet, and I own a grand total 3 games right now, 1 being a port (MK8D) 1 being technically a port (Breath of the Wild) and the other definitely a port (Disgaea 5). In a storm of news of which things skip the Switch, and people clamouring for that which seems implausible, I look forward to what I can get, and hopefully Fire Emblem: Warriors, Rabbids (Yes it’s Ubisoft, but it feels 1.5 half party honestly) and perhaps Mario Odyssey can restore some of that.