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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition, Pro Controller photos, screenshots

Posted on September 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News

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  • TruExtent

    Oh my… I might not be able to resist getting a second pro controller. THE XENOBLADE ONE LOOKS SO YES. NEED.

  • dathip

    I NEED IT NOW!!!


    Hurry up and announce the European edition damnit! D =

  • StrawhatEevee

    Does the regular Switch case come with it too? I want that artbook and CD, but that metal case is pretty ugly and will bother my OCD if it doesn’t match my other cases.

    • Drewsefer89

      Yes. The game will be in the regular case. They give you the metal case as a bonus. That’s how all Special editions work. 🙂

      • StrawhatEevee

        Awesome. Thanks for the information, Drewsefer! No regrets in pre-ordering.

        Apologies for the opinion, herewegoagain. Best of luck in anger management.

    • herewegoagain

      Spoken like the dumb ******* tasteless piece of **** you so obviously are. FACT of the matter is that that metal case doesn’t look “ugly” in the slightest and features what is by far and away the best piece of art to come out of this game so far. Not only is it gorgeous by any standard but it by far and away beats the living **** out of the comparatively drab standard case. Your suggestion otherwise is naught but a load of idiotic bull **** that proves you’re nothing but a tasteless, know-nothing **** stain without the slightest eye for quality that’s unworthy of both this gorgeous SE and the game as a whole. These are the facts, deal with it dip ****. permaleaving

      • Bitcoon

        Wow dude, take a chill pill. I know OP killed your parents and your entire life revolves around chasing this person down and insulting them online, but you’re still taking it too far.

      • Drewsefer89
  • Yolkghost

    wwhaaatt I still need to get the Splatoon 2 pro controller if it’s ever on sale. Well, here’s to hoping I can pre-order a controller and the LE.

    • Drewsefer89

      From what I’ve seen the Splatoon 2 pro-controller is $100. The XC2 pro-controller is $74.

      • Yolkghost

        Yeah but that’s due to scalping / no new stock.

  • Hmmm. I think the guy with the mask joins your party. Or it’s another Torna. That Nomura art though~. This is what I miss though. I hope they get him to do all the designs for the next XB/XC.

  • Trevor Baird

    I just ordered collectors edition pre-order its up on bestbuy

  • fox_whisper85

    Whew, managed to preorder on Gamestop,at least they don’t force actual payment until it’s shipped. Looking at you, Best Buy…