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2D firefighting game Nuclear Blaze reaching Switch in 2023

Posted on August 22, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nuclear Blaze

Red Art Games has announced that it’s teaming up with Deepnight Games, and as part of that, Nuclear Blaze will be appearing on Switch. A release is planned for 2023.

Nuclear Blaze was made by Sébastien Bénard, creator of Dead Cells. It’s a 2D firefighting game that kicks off as you investigate and look for survivors, though “the unexpected presence of an unknown military facility might somewhat affect your plans.”

Here’s an official overview:

The world is burning.

Well, not exactly, but the whole region is.

As a trained firefighter, you’re being air-dropped right in the middle of this hell blaze to investigate and look for survivors. But the unexpected presence of an unknown military facility might somewhat affect your plans.

Key Features

  • A unique 2D firefighting game with all the devastating backdrafts, exploding walls and sprinklers you could expect.
  • Smooth “signature” controls and gameplay from the guy who was in charge on Dead Cells.
  • An action/adventure game crafted with love and attention to details.
  • Use your fire hose carefully to keep the blaze under control and progress through the facility.
  • Dedicated “Kid mode” designed for very young kids (~3 years old and more), with specific level design, rules and gameplay… while still featuring firefighters, helicopters and trucks!
  • Not a roguelite/like/vania this time!
  • Unravel the true story of Site 16 and A-█████. Access to these informations may require authorization clearance ████ and ██.

Watch a trailer for Nuclear Blaze below.

Source: Red Art Games PR

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