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2D platformer Alexio coming to Switch in 2022

Posted on December 6, 2021 by in News, Switch eShop

Publisher ChiliDog Interactive and developer Duck Team have announced that their 8-bit 2D platformer Alexio is headed to the Switch eShop sometime in 2022. Check out a trailer and an overview for the game below.

Alexio is a small duckling on a grand 8-bit journey!

Is there anything better than to spend the whole weekend with your friends when you have QuackStation 2 plugged into TV, and the brand new game just came out from the box into your hands? Actually I have a list of great things to do instead, but today I would love you to join us and play Alexio. This game is a blast among the fans of really hard and challenging titles. You’re gonna love it!

The premise is simple: this is the game about the little duckling Alex. The day when he turned 6 he learned the hard truth from his father — to become a true drake he had to complete the journey on his own and find his monobrow during his travels. Alex had a hard time trying to get some sleep, because he knew that this journey would be the most exciting thing for him ever. You will have to travel with Alex, overcome a set of obstacles and get through the meadows, lakes, mountains, woods, caves and ancient ruins on your way to the temple that keeps your hard-earned reward. Intriguing, right? This means it’s time to stop reading this and start playing!

Source: ChiliDog Interactive PR

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