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PAKO Caravan is launching on Switch next week. Check out some gameplay ahead of time with the video below.

PAKO Caravan is scheduled to launch digitally on the Switch eShop on March 3.

A free DLC is now available for download for Truck Driver. This expansion adds a new damage system as well as secret locations not visible on the game’s map. Check out an overview and trailer for the DLC below.

A new update is available for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV: Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle that includes quite a few bug fixes, check out the patch notes below.

Capcom has rolled out a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise highlighting some of the game’s Heavy Weapons. Check it out below.

Monster Hunter Rise is slated to launch on Switch on March 26.

Nintendo has rolled out a new trailer for the upcoming Harvest Moon: One World game from Natsume. Check it out below.

Harvest Moon: One World is scheduled to launch on Switch on March 5.

Doom & Destiny Advanced launched on Switch just this week, check out some gameplay footage with the video below.

Doom & Destiny advanced is available for digital purchase now on the Switch eShop.

Imagineer has released new downloadable content for Fitness Boxing 2. The No Mercy Intensity DLC adds a new, more challenging, Intensity level for all 9 Instructors. This is a free DLC that can be downloaded as a bundle or individually for each instructor on the Switch eShop.

A new Summon Showcase has kicked off in Dragalia Lost. The Dragon Special Showcase features the Dragons Giovanni, Apollo, Andromeda, Phoenix, Ifrit, and Juggernaut who all will have an increased appearance rate, and will be active until February 26.

Additionally, the Raid Event, A Waltz With Fate, now has Omega Difficulty.

Yesterday a new update for Splatoon 2 was announced for February 23. This update brings quite a few balancing changes. Check out the patch notes below.

A new Tour has been announced for Mario Kart Tour. The Snow Tour is scheduled to launch on February 23, and will feature the newly added Wii DK Summit course.

Currently, Mario Kart Tour is hosting the Peach vs. Daisy Tour, where the two face off in-game, and the leading team wins exclusive rewards.