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Clearer Heart Gold/Soul Silver CoroCoro scans reveal new details

Posted on August 11, 2009 by (@NE_Austin) in DS, News

– You can customize the layout of the Safari Zone and send it to your friends to use, such as changing where certain Pokemon appear among other things.
– The bug catching contest will only happen on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, just like the original games.
– Apricorns can be mixed into drinks that increase your Pokemon’s Pokethlon stats. This is probably the replacement for Poffins and Pokeblocks.
– To make this “Apricorn Juice”, mix the various apricorns into an “Apricorn Shaker” and walk around. Eventually the juice will be made and usable.
– The scans mention a new “Frontier Front”, though it doesn’t go into to detail about it.
– Wi-Fi event in which you can unlock the “Yellow Forest” route on the Pokewalker to capture Pikachu is discussed.
– It is unknown if Pikachu will have any special abilities via this Wi-fi event, but artwork may suggest it will be a flying Pikachu.
– Three new Pokethlon events are revealed: Break Block, Change Relay, and Push Circle. Break Block seems to involve karate chopping brick blocks, Change Relay is another race but with only one of your Pokemon, and Push Circle seems to be another ring match in which you knock Pokemon out of a ring.
– The scan reaffirms that Kyogre can only be caught in HeartGold, while Groudon can only be caught in SoulSilver.

I must say, as time goes on I’m just more and more impressed with this game. At first I wasn’t convinced at all, but more and more information keeps arising and now I’m closer to purchasing it then ever. Just give me the ability to battle random people online and I’ll be set…

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