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Sonic Chronicles 2

BioWare had ideas for Sonic Chronicles 2 back in the day, but the sequel never materialized. However, lead designer Miles Holmes has now shared details about what the studio had in mind for the story.

For those that never played Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on DS, that game actually ended with a cliffhanger. The sequel would have picked up right where things left off with Eggman taking over the world, and BioWare had planned certain plot points that would leave the door open to even more games.

Mega Man Battle Network series ending

After six different entries, Mega Man Battle Network came to an end in 2005 (or 2006 for fans in the west). Masakazu Eguchi, who worked on the series since the beginning, briefly commented on the decision to finish things out in a recent interview with 4Gamer.

Here’s our translation:

According to Live A Live director Takashi Tokita, the RPG almost received a sequel during the DS era.

Tokita shared that information in a recent interview with Famitsu. He said that while there were plans for a new game, “it was hard to display the passion of Live A Live fans to the company, and so we ended up in an impasse.”

Baten Kaitos III cancelled

Yasuyuki Honne, the director at Monolith Soft for the Baten Kaitos series, has again commented on Baten Kaitos III – which never released. He also once again confirmed that there were plans for a title on DS that was scrapped as well.

According to Honne, Baten Kaitos III was targeted for next-gen platforms – so if anything, it would have been on Wii and not GameCube. Unfortunately, things weren’t meant to be “due to Bandai Namco’s restructuring and budget review, as well as tri-Crescendo’s financial struggles”. Honne added that “Baten Kaitos is a complicated series with lots of circumstances involved.”

Masahiro Sakurai Meteos origins

Masahiro Sakurai is famous for his work on Smash Bros., but he’s working on a variety of other titles throughout his career – including Meteos. In the latest video for his YouTube channel, he delved into the game’s origins and even shared a proposal he made to help explain things a bit more easily.

During his days of supervising and consulting work, Tetsuya Mizuguchi – who was at SEGA before co-founding Q Games – asked Sakurai to make a falling-block puzzle game. Interestingly, Sakurai said he’s not really good at these types of titles. He wanted to do more than the risk and reward gameplay they offer (like creating a high stack in Tetris which is a risk, and then knocking them down into a big reward at once). 

de Blob DS

YouTuber RebelTaxi has managed to secure an early build of de Blob DS, which was originally being made by Helixe. This version of the game was ultimately cancelled.

THQ ended up publishing one version of de Blob for Wii (which is on Switch by the way), and also had plans for another on DS. Blue Tongue Entertainment was in charge of the former. Helixe was planned to handle the DS version, but their work was ultimately scrapped entirely.

Forest of Illusion recently got its hands on a prototype of the DS firmware, which believe it or not, actually included blood type selection settings.

This firmware was at version 0.40615, which was well before the handheld system made it to market. Including the ability to set your blood type on the DS was something Nintendo was considering at one point, but ultimately scrapped it from the final product.

Marvel's Super Hero Squad Smash Bros

The DS version of Marvel’s Super Hero Squad was at one point planned as a Smash Bros.-style game before contractual obligations got in the way. That information comes from Luke Muscat, who worked on the project.

Developer Halfbrick was working with THQ, the game’s publisher, at the time. The title was initially intended to be a brawler, but THQ asked the team to pivot and make it more like Smash Bros. instead. Halfbrick seemed pretty excited about the idea, though had to throw out some previous work. Blocking, rolling, and dodging were all a part of the core gameplay.

Pokemon Pinball DS details

Did You Know Gaming has managed to uncover new details about the cancelled Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pinball project for DS.

We first heard about the title in July 2021 as part of an internal Nintendo leak. Fuse, the studio behind Metroid Prime Pinball, was in charge of development. Did You Know Gaming spoke with Matthew Nightingale, who was an artist working on the game.

Project Valkyrie Metroid Prime

Did You Know Gaming has secured new details on Project Valkyrie, a number of prototypes for the Metroid series that eventually turned into Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

You may recall that there was talk of a cancelled Metroid 3DS project in 2014 and 2015 that tied in with some pieces of concept art shared by a Next Level Games employee. Much was made of the image for Samus pictured above at the time.

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