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A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism update out now (version 1.0.4), patch notes

Posted on April 8, 2021 by in News, Switch eShop

A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism

Studio Artdink has released a new update for A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism. Check out the full patch notes, translated by Perfectly Nintendo, here:

Fixed bugs related to train / car operations
If a train or car enters the garage outside business hours, the sightseeing route will be lost.
Trains make an emergency stop at the border with a neighbouring town or at a station near a point.
Cars not entering the designated tracks or cars leaving the garage will ignore the departure time.
Fixed a bug that occurs when updating to Ver. 1.0.3
Stickers are lost when “Technology Transfer” is done from save data created using Ver. 1.0.3 or earlier.
The airport is removed when upgrading to Ver. 1.0.3 (the airport will not be replaced, so please rebuild it)
Models that do not exist on the map, such as railway tracks and buildings, will appear.
When a building is constructed, the construction site is at the wrong place.
The removal of double gradient tracks on elevated tracks will result in incorrect tracks.
Unable to build underground stations even after acquiring underground railway technology.
Other bug fixes
Adds a workaround for loss of progress during saving
In addition to improving stability, we have taken measures to prioritise the completion of a save if the software is unstable at the time of saving. If this is the case, a message will be displayed on the screen. Please restart the game.


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