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Action RPG Bound by Blades announced for Switch

Posted on July 26, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Bound by Blades

The action RPG Bound by Blades is heading to Switch, publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Zeth revealed today. A release is planned for Q4 2022.

Bound by Blades is a boss-rush-style RPG that focuses on challenging combat and crafting. Players will go on a journey through the magical world of Ashmyr, a once thriving land now left desolate and filled with the bloodthirsty enemies Ilcyon.

Here’s some additional information:

Bound by Blades follows the core gameplay of slaying bosses, harvesting their remains, and crafting gear. While not as hardcore as the genre kings, Bound by Blades offers a fun, approachable, and more casual experience for players interested in the boss-rush mechanic with a heaping helping of cute and cozy RPG mechanics. A passion project from solo developer Zeth, Bound by Blades aims to introduce a much more welcoming entry to boss-rush titles. Told through an enchanting digital-sketchbook art style, follow the young Bound through their journey in Ashmyr to learn about the beginnings of the vile Ilcyon and other mysterious entities.

Key Features

Beast Slayer: Slay colossal monsters through perilous combat, and learn their maneuvers in order to survive the battles and come out ahead. Harvest their remains, and utilize them to craft a sweet new set of gear!

Intuitive Controls and Unique Combat: Bound By Blades is designed for players of all skill levels, allowing any adventurer to embark on this challenging journey. Employ a variety of maneuvers like Quick and Strong Attacks, Combos, and Unique Combo Finishers.

Adventure Together: With a two-player co-op option, enlist a travel companion and slay monsters together in Ashmyr.

Choose your Fighter: There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” playstyle in Bound by Blades. Acknowledging this, select and swap between the game’s three main characters, each with their own unique battle styles and gear: Teo the Kuza cat, Guren the Fangorian bunny, and Kota the Oxbourne ox.

A trailer for Bound by Blades can be seen below.

Source: Assemble Entertainment PR

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