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Adventure game Cosmic Holidays coming to Switch

Posted on May 29, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Cosmic Holidays

Cosmic Holidays is in the works for Switch, it’s been announced. Currently the project lacks a release window.

Cosmic Holidays is an adventure game which tasks players with helping Cibo find his way in an unknown world after he gains the ability to inflate his head. The character has various moves at his disposal including gliding in the wind, bouncing, propelling and blocking, absorbing impacts, and rolling.

Lots of additional details can be found in the following overview:

The journey is a universal theme to which we all resonate. Who hasn’t dreamed one day of exploring an unknown world and interacting with it? Onirism, suspense, and wonder are the ingredients of this adventure. The player, confronted with this new world, will have to use or avoid the fauna, flora, and geographical features of the landscapes. Most of these gameplay elements are dual: they will either be obstacles or valuable aids to the player’s progression.

At the beginning of his adventure, Cibo is stung by a strange insect. From this traumatic event, Cibo gains a superpower! The ability to inflate his head, like a balloon.

This ability offers numerous possibilities to Cibo that the player must use in the right place, at the right time: gliding through the air, following winds to move faster, bouncing, propelling underwater and floating like a buoy, getting stuck in walls, cushioning impacts, rolling, mimicking a shape. These are just a few of the uses that the player will discover as they progress through the game.

Cibo will interact with geysers to propel himself, sticky termites, luminous plants that ignite at night… He will explore immense and mysterious places, mini-ecosystems suspended in the air, a levitating ocean… crossing paths with incredible animals, some as large as hills, bouncing on strange shapes allowing him to move above mountains.

Cibo’s journey, punctuated by discoveries and wonders, is also the learning of a world. A careful observation of how this harmonious nature functions will give him the keys to succeed in his quest. Producing sounds to communicate with an animal, transforming an insect into a mobile lamp, or feeding another to save it, avoiding dangers by using the particularities of geography. The player will discover the origin of certain gameplay elements. Where do these insects live, how do these plants grow, what produces these pollens… This aspect of the game will highlight the overall coherence of the different ecosystems.

It’s like breaking the fourth wall in theater or cinema, between the player and Cibo. Cibo will directly address the player, expressing his feelings. He will have a wide range of emotions related to gameplay situations (fear, doubt, anxiety, sadness, joy, anger, grief, etc.).

Find a trailer for Cosmic Holidays below.

Announcement Trailer

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