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Adventure game Paper Sky heading to Switch

Posted on May 29, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Paper Sky

Brute Force is putting its upcoming project Paper Sky on Switch, the studio announced today. It’s on track to launch sometime in 2025.

Paper Sky is an open world adventure game set in a semi-open world. As the name implies, players control a paper plane as they fold, glide, and deliver their message.

Here’s some additional information:

Welcome to the world of Paper Sky where you will fold your own Paper Plane to fly your message.

In this hand-crafted, semi-open world escapade, players will control a paper plane through exciting and connected worlds. This isn’t a free-flight game; instead, Paper Sky combines the thrill of an adventure game with the mechanics of a Paper Plane simulator. Build up vertical momentum and glide through the environment using it to your advantage!

Key Features

  • Fold your plane: Transform between a paper plane to a paper ball, gain speed, bypass obstacles, and explore hidden secrets by jumping and gliding.
  • Impactful World: Step into a vibrant world where your actions matter. Experience advanced physics and dynamic visuals. Immerse yourself and explore a world inviting you to soar, learn, and leave your mark on its pages!
  • Write your story: Whatever you write at the beginning of your journey will become part of the world. Engage in a message-in-a-bottle style exchange, where others can read and interact with your messages, gifting you movement boosts and secret hints! Fold your own customized paper airplane and more…

Watch a trailer for Paper Sky below.

Gameplay Trailer

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