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Anime-inspired Metroidvania game Arcadia: Colony heading to Switch

Posted on April 16, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Arcadia: Colony

Kibe Software House is putting Arcadia: Colony on Switch, the developer announced today. The title is slated for May 16, 2024.

Arcadia: Colony is an anime-inspired Metroidvania title in which you can play as the three unique characters with their own abilities. More information about the story, gameplay, and more can be found in the following overview:

The Colony was once a place of peace, home to hundreds of citizens thriving harmoniously. Out of nowhere, the Champion of the Sky invaded, wreaking devastation with gargantuan behemothic mechanical birds that will stop at nothing to steal the settlement’s powerful secrets for themselves.

Fortunately, the fight isn’t over yet. Airi, Enji and Tazpo, three courageous heroes with unique abilities, will take on impossible odds to save their sanctuary and protect the balance of their world.

Airi is an acrobatic rabbit and can leap to higher heights to evade danger and explore new areas. Enji uses her intellect to throw out gadgets that let her overcome obstacles and her porcupine spines fasten her onto surfaces to avoid dangerous traps. Last but by no means least, Tazpo the mole’s strength launches him through tough earth that would halt others in their tracks.

These three characters are the Colony’s only hope – victory hinges on using their respective abilities at the right time and in the right place. Arcadia: Colony’s tightly tuned controls will reward players who rise to the challenge and master their moves with tools and secrets to turn the tide against the metal miscreants.
Battle bird bots by discovering their weak points and attacking them with each hero’s special abilities. Defeat boss monsters that can affect the entire area, turning the very environment against you. Work with survivors to progress and learn more about what the Champion of the Sky desperately seeks on their path of destruction.

Players will wage war against the Champion’s puppets and reclaim the Colony in an anime-style world, reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons and inspired by games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear Strive.

Claudio David, director and founder of Kibe Software House, said of the upcoming project: “Arcadia: Colony is a vibrant world made of surprising locations, an interconnected society that is home to colorful characters and lively environments, yet under attack from alien machines. We wanted our three heroes Tazpo, Airi and Enji to be symbols of the game’s themes: a Colony of different Tribes with different relationships and different stories to tell. Diving into the Colony is a challenge that is worth overcoming: the more you explore, the more the story connects, and hidden secrets are revealed.”

A trailer for the game can be found below.

Switch Trailer

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