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Anti-gravity combat racer BallisticNG NX Edition announced for Switch

Posted on March 10, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop


Neognosis has announced that its anti-gravity racer BallisticNG NX Edition is coming to Switch.

Originally, the game released on PC as simply BallisticNG. It’s unclear what exactly is new this time around, though support for user generated content is confirmed.

For those that haven’t heard of BallisticNG previously, check out the following overview and trailer:

BallisticNG is an anti-gravity combat racer developed as a love letter to the original wipEout trilogy. Set in the year 2159, you glide through futuristic courses armed to the teeth with deadly weapons to aid you in taking first place.

With a laser focused and authentic recreation of the original PlayStation wipEout game physics, merging the best of each entries handling into one streamlined experience, BallisticNG returns anti-gravity racing to its glory days of technical piloting mechanics that are immensely satisfying to master.

Key Features

  • A Track for Every Skill Level, A Ship for Every Play Style – With 35 hand crafted tracks and 16 unique ships in the base game, BallisticNG has something for everybody.
  • Start Slow, Go as Fast as You Can Handle – With five speed classes and gameplay modifiers to manipulate the base speed of each class, you can race at speeds anywhere between a snail’s pace or breaking the sound barrier on every straight.
  • A Campaign to Test Your Skills – Push your skills with 98 events spanning across 10 campaign blocks.
  • Eliminate Those Who Stand in Your Way – Pick up weapons from the track and blast your way through the competition.
  • Custom Races – Pick a game mode, configure it, add up to 16 racers with whatever difficulty you want and jump straight in.
  • Game Modes – Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap, Eliminator, Knockout, Survival, and Upsurge.
  • Multiplayer – Play with others in two player split-screen or online via direct IP or Steam. Online multiplayer is cross-platform across Windows, OSX, and Linux and supports custom ships and tracks!
  • Soundtrack – BallisticNG features a thumping soundtrack featuring over three hours of music inspired by old school electronic genres. Any updates to the soundtrack are also added to the soundtrack downloadable content at no additional cost.

A release window for BallisticNG NX Edition has not yet been announced.


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