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Brain-splitting action-puzzler Damaged In Transit releasing on Switch next week

Posted on April 13, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Everook is bringing its brain-splitting action-puzzler Damaged In Transit to Switch, the studio announced today. It will launch digitally via the eShop on April 23.

Here’s an overview of Damaged In Transit:

Damaged In Transit is a split-attention game from Wyatt Yeong (Red Hot Ricochet, Maquisard), Diego Garcia (Sunburn!, Swap Sword), and Greg Heffernan (Tales From Off-Peak City, Norwood Suite). You play as the Foreman of the Lickety Split Delivery Company, and it’s your job to help both of your self-driving drones safely deliver their packages. You’ll need to use your d-pad or keyboard to control the arrow tiles on the map — pressing up, down, left, or right will cause all arrows to point in that direction. When a drone hits an arrow, it’ll follow its direction! No big deal! But things get pretty tricky pretty quick…

Split Your Mind!

The challenge of Damaged in Transit — and it’s hard — comes from the need to pilot your two drones across different areas on the map while each input changes every arrow at once. You’ll need to make sure that sending one drone up won’t send the other into the big drink. This becomes increasingly difficult, especially once you start running into new obstacles — It’s part puzzle solving, part twitch play.

Whomst Keeps Putting These Spikes Here

Not everyone’s a fan of your company’s automated delivery plan. Working your way through the game, you’ll learn a bit about who’s sabotaging the foreman and why — if, that is, you can make it past the obstacles themselves. You’ll run into spikes that toggle with every input, arrows that rotate or flip at the push of a button, gates powered by beacons that can only be lit with a special torch, and even evil, flamethrower-wielding robots. It sure starts to feel like you’re juggling knives instead of drones.

Simple Controls, Complex Execution

Damaged In Transit’s controls never get more complicated than they start out — four buttons, four ways to point arrows. The challenge comes from the punishing level design and tricky combination of obstacles and other puzzle elements — all layered on top of the indirect control of two the constantly-moving drones. If it gets too tough, no big; just adjust the speed in settings. You can lower it to 60% if you’d rather focus on the puzzle aspect, or bump it up to 140 for a challenge to your reflexes.

Journey To The Earth’s Core

You’ll travel to 125 hand-designed levels across 5 challenging worlds. The adventure starts at the humble port, but everybody needs their packages! Business is booming even at remote oil rigs, dusty mines, and the core of the earth itself. Each world introduces a unique set of new obstacles, mixed and matched to create a mountain of clever puzzles. They also each have unique tilesets designed by Diego Garcia — who you might know from Suburn!, Swap Sword, or Heads Up! Hot Dogs. His character and world design, paired with his lively animation style, have really helped bring the game to life.

Great For a Date

Damaged In Transit is also great with a partner. You can play with a single set of joy-cons or the controller of your choice. But remember, nobody controls the drones themselves, so in co-op mode you’ll split up your responsibilities. Player one can point arrow tiles left or right, while player two’s in charge of up and down. It’s a little like Overcooked meets ChuChu Rocket! — you’ll need to be on your toes, planning, communicating, and relying on each other.

And a trailer:

Pricing for Damaged In Transit is set at $14.99 on the Switch eShop.

Source: Switch eShop

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