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Some unfortunate news from the development studio Over Fence: the creators of Flip Wars, which launched on the Switch last year and was published by Nintendo, have filed for bankruptcy. The company stated that it has a debt of 2 million Yen.

Thanks to m_t for the tip.


In a tweet earlier today, developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games teased a new game for “a brand new IP featuring brand new characters.” While it is unclear what console the game will be available on, the developer previously released their 3D action puzzle platformer Armillo on the Wii U eShop in 2014. More details are to come July 3. We will keep you posted.

Atlus has sent out a new survey to its Japanese customers. In it, they want to hear their fans’ opinions on a variety of topics, but mostly which games they want to see on which systems. The games range from sequels to remakes to re-releases to entirely new games and IPs.

A big topic is naturally the Persona series. Atlus is even asking fans about non-video game stuff here, asking whether fans would be interested in a new Persona board game. Another question is about interest in a non-RPG Persona game, such as a strategy game or a shooter. Atlus also mentions a hypothetical Persona 6. As mentioned before, fans can choose which systems they’d like to see these games on. The choices for the system include the Switch and the 3DS.

Naturally, you shouldn’t be jumping to any conclusions based on this survey. Atlus has sent out surveys like this in the past and the choices aren’t necessarily indicative of Atlus’ actual plans. Persona 6 on Switch is sure to be a popular choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. For now, Persona fans can look forward to Persona Q2 on 3DS.


Yuji Naka, most famous for his heavy involvement with the Sonic series since its beginning, has announced on Twitter that he has joined Square Enix. He will be working in game development and says that he aims to develop “an enjoyable game”.

He was a key member of SEGA and Sonic Team for over 20 years, first as a programmer on Sonic games, then later on as a general producer. In 2006, he left SEGA to create his own studio, Prope.

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Capcom has announced that they will be holding a 30th anniversary Mega Man live stream on December 4th, from 11 AM to 12 PM PST on Twitch. We don’t really have any further details at this moment, other than Capcom’s insistence that “you won’t want to miss it”. The Mega Man franchise hasn’t exactly been booming lately, so it’s quite possible that this event won’t have any gaming-related news at all (or nothing Nintendo-related). In any case, if there are any big announcements during that live stream, you will hear about it from us.


Limited Run has been having a tough time with Nintendo recently, the big N having put them on hold to deal with bigger developers first. Luckily for Limited Run, Nintendo has approved them today to start working on retail versions of their games.

Their first game on Switch, they say, should be rolling out in 2018.


Update: The dream is dead, for now anyway. Keymailer’s co-founder says the listing was an error.

Keymailer co-founder here. This was news to me when I saw this thread. I reached out to the management team and apparently this is, sadly, an error on our side. The game was incorrectly tagged when we imported the upcoming releases.

Apologies on behalf of the company for any disappointment on this, as a Switch owner and a fan of Crash Bandicoot, I would have been as excited to play this.

Original: Keymailer is a company that connects YouTube and Twitch content creators to games publishers and developers via review codes. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is currently listed for the Switch on Keymailer’s site. While this is likely an error, this would not be the first time the Crash Bandicoot series has appeared on Nintendo hardware, and there has been some inconsistent information whether the title would be a Sony exclusive. 


Much has been made about Switch menu game icons over the past few months. Many system owners have voiced their opinions about them – with some vocal players dissatisfied with the way they look. Snake Pass, LEGO Worlds, and SteamWorld Dig 2 are among the titles people have requested to be changed.

To circumvent this issue, developer Bplus Games is taking a proactive approach in asking its followers to participate in a poll to determine which icon will be used for their upcoming Puzzle Box Maker. The four options are viewable in the image above. This seems to be a sensible approach in handling some players’ strong feelings about what an icon should look like.


Earlier this year, Capcom had held “The Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Orchestra.” Well now thanks to Capcom, they will be releasing a CD next month with the music from the orchestra for anyone who enjoys the Ace Attorney soundtrack or for those who might have missed out on attending to this event.

The album will have 2 CDs, with total of 13 tracks performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Hirofumi Kurita.

Below is the track list for the album:

Robert S Dunn has gone out of his way to create his own SNES mini. Using a Raspberry Pi Brian is able to make a very professional looking Super Nintendo Mini with a sleek looking UI. Check out a more in-depth look at Brian’s SNES mini right here.


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