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Does using the Switch dock scratch the screen?

Posted on March 3, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

One of the most prominent features of Switch is being able to easily move between console and portable modes by sliding the main unit in and out of the included dock. However, questions are now being raised as to whether doing so scratches the system’s screen. 

Glixel is one media outlet with early access to Switch. After using it daily for about a week, the site says their system is “already gathering a healthy collection of little scratches in the bottom left hand corner”.

Glixel believes that the culprit is sliding the Switch in and out of the dock. “If you gently slide it in and ‘miss’ the USB-C prong, juggling the device into the slot (even carefully) eventually scrapes it against the hard insides of the dock, resulting in little hairline scratches that start to build up over time,” the site writes. “There’s no insulation or padding on the inside of the dock – so nothing protects the screen if you’re clumsy.”

We can’t be absolutely certain that the dock scratches Switch’s screen simply due to a lack of reports – the system only just launched today officially. If you want to be save though, Glixel advises buying a screen protector.


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