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Final new items added to Miitomo

Posted on April 26, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

As the sun sets on Miitomo, Nintendo has added in the final new items to the mobile app.

Users can get their hands on the following:

– Sunny side up tee
– Fried egg pumps
– Friend shrimp costume

These daily decorations have also been added:

– Techno-pop (white) (Wallpaper)
– Dyadic stripes (pink) (Wallpaper)
– Brick (brown) (Wallpaper)
– Wire fence + nighttime skyline (Wallpaper)
– Simple botanical (black) (Wallpaper)
– Simple botanical (white) (Wallpaper)
– European stripes (sky blue) (Wallpaper)
– Sycamore flooring + tartan rug (blue) (Flooring)
– Natural wood flooring (oak) (Flooring)
– Black flooring + leopard print rug (Flooring)


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