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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Q&A #3 – overhead perspective, returning Skytree Village characters, more

Posted on October 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Natsume is back with the next part of its official Q&A for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Topics covered in the latest entry pertain to the overhead perspective, villager animations, bringing back characters from Skytree Village, and the innovative features being implemented.

Read the latest Q&A responses below. You can find the previous two entries here.

QUESTION: Why did you decide to go with an overhead view?

When we started planning the title, we thought about the fact that it would be released during the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon. Therefore, we wanted to revisit Harvest Moon for SNES, but also mix it with something new. This is where the concept of Retro Plus came in. Basically, a retro game, but with modern features you’d expect.

QUESTION: Will the Villagers (NPC characters) have walking animations when they are on screen like pacing back and forth and will they walk from one location of the map to another?

Yes, the villagers will have walking animations, and their location will change depending on what day and time it is!

QUESTION: Why does the game use the same characters as Harvest Moon: Skytree Village?

Very much like past Harvest Moon games, we wanted to expand on the personalities of the characters, and have fans get to know them better. Just like Karen and Gray, who appeared in numerous Harvest Moon titles, we wanted the same thing for Jeanne and Dean.

QUESTION: What do you think is the most innovative new feature to the game?

There’s a couple of new features that we really like. The first is the repairing feature. This allows you to repair the homes of the townspeople, and it gives the player a clear goal and feeling of progression! The second big feature is the Farming Friend. This will really give players a good, clear image of what they need to do to grow their crops, in addition to whether each crops that’s currently growing will mutate into a new one!


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