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Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic announced for Switch

Posted on April 13, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic

Following the success of the original game, Rogueside today unveiled Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic. The title is expected on Switch later in 2023.

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic will “expand on many ideas, concepts and simplicity of gameplay to create a bigger, deeper and more expansive/impressive challenge that will continue to captivate gamers of all ages.” We have further details below.

The premise of Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic, distinguished by its colourful, hand-drawn graphics, ever changing and detailed settings, challenged players to find and collect hidden objects whilst taking the player on a journey of discovery through the ages. The story boarded, highly detailed animated screens help features and immersive gameplay pulls gamers into what is an intuitive, leisurely and moreish experience that is fun to come back to time and time again!

Hidden Through Time 2: Myth & Magic’stransformation/upgrade will present improved visuals and sound and the introduction of engaging features for the player to manipulate, such as the added customization options, increased intractability and improved ambience, all of which will make the levels feel more alive and vibrant as the player immerses in their own world with the tools presented. Editors for both structures and characters will enable the player to build their perfect world in the smallest of details.

Jacobein Van den Bergh said of the new project: “The idea for Hidden Through Time originated from those ‘Where’s Waldo’ books everyone had back when they were young. The key difference between us and competitors is the addition of a map editor, enabling the community to create and share their own maps, as well as play other’s creations. One of the big focuses for the sequel is customization.”

We have a trailer for Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic below.

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