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Horror adventure games Garten of Bantan I, II, III, and IV coming to Switch

Posted on June 14, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Garten of Bantan I, II, III, and IV

May 30: Feardemic continues its run of horror games on Switch, and has now announced Garten of Bantan I, II, III, and IV for the console. There’s no release date yet, but they’ll be arriving soon.

Garten of Bantan I, II, III, and IV are a series of horror adventure games made by Euphoric Brothers. We have more information about the set below.

Explore the abandoned underground levels of Banban’s Kindergarten in Garten of Bantan, Garten of Bantan II, Garten of Bantan III, and Garten of Bantan IV. Delve deep into the bizarre, suspiciously abandoned underground facility and continue the search for your missing child. Can you find them before the facility’s residents find you?

The Banban And Friends Gang – Banban’s Kindergarten has earned a special place in every kid’s heart. The reason for this is the Banban And Friends Gang, which are the establishment’s mascots and icons. At Banban’s Kindergarten, nobody’s lonely thanks to them!
Banban’s Kindergarten, the Dream Place of Every Child – Banban’s Kindergarten was once the go-to kindergarten for any parent who needed their children to attend a reputable learning facility. This was the case until everybody within the place suddenly vanished on a seemingly normal day, and now you must explore the establishment and find out what happened.
Explore With Your Flying Companion – Everything’s better when you have a friend to share with. Use your handy drone to help you navigate and proceed through the facility, as well as have it keep you company when you are feeling lonely and scared, which you will be feeling a lot.

Key Features

  • Banban, Who’s There? – Meet the exciting cast of characters.
  • Drone Mind If I Do – Use the drone to help you navigate and proceed through the facility.
  • Riddle Me This, Banban – Solve mind-bending puzzles to keep exploring.
  • Deep Breaths – Stay calm, something sinister can lurk behind every corner.

A trailer showing Garten of Bantan I, II, III, and IV can be found below.

Official Trailer

June 14: All of the games are now confirmed for June 20, 2024. Pricing is as follows:

  • Garten of Bantan – $1.99
  • Garten of Bantan II – $4.99
  • Garten of Bantan III – $4.99
  • Garten of Bantan IV – $9.99

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