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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai new details and screenshots on swordsmith cycle and Flood of Customers modes

Posted on January 14, 2020 by in Switch

Publisher Spike Chunsoft and developer Acquire have released new information and screenshots of Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story, highlighting both the action RPG’s swordsmith cycle, as well as “Flood of Customers” mode.

You can take a look at the overview and screenshot gallery after the break.

Basic Cycle Until Debt Repayment

The player will run a swordsmith in place of Gunji Doujima, who is in a large amount of debt, and sell swords to the three major factions (the Akadama Clan, the Kurou Family, and the Post Town) fighting for influence at the Hill of the Six Bones. The sword orders you receive from the three factions can be checked via the “Account Book” inside the smithy, and can be carried out from order form to sword shipment. When you are running low on swords, you can create swords via the “Forge’ by using the materials you gathered in the other world. You can also change the specifications of the swords automatically created by Gunji from the forge.

By sending the ordered sword, you will receive a reward, allowing you to prepare the specified payment in time for its due date. But if you do not have enough money by that date, a sincere apology will suffice. Careless actions on the other hand will increase the amount you owe.

Cause Conflict to be a More Profitable Blacksmith

Orders that arrive in the Account Book vary depending on the state of the faction that requests it. By increasing your “Satisfaction,” which represents your evaluation as a blacksmith, and the “Tension” between enemy forces, the more rewarding your orders will be. The greater the difference in power between the three factions, the faster Tension will rise, and as Tension rises, “Conflict” will break out.

During Conflict, your sword orders will increase, making it is easier to pass inspection. To increase the power difference between the three factions, you can choose to only send swords to a specific faction, or diminish them by assassinating their men. The player controls the state of the three factions to cause conflict. You can read about the state of the three factions by checking the bulletin board next to the smithy or reading the newspaper.

—During Conflict, you can see battle scenes between major characters, such as the Post Town’s Don Dontalouse and the Akadama Clan’s Kitcho.

“Flood of Customers” Mode

By continuing to send swords to each power and increasing their armed forces, you will reach the “Arms Goal” set by each power. After reaching this goal, you will enter “Flood of Customers” mode, where customers will constantly flock to the smithy. Your money will increase for every customer that enters the shop, and debt collectors will not come during this mode.


Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story is due out on February 20 in Japan. While a western release has yet to be officially announced, the game has been rated in Australia.


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