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Check out what’s going on in Dragalia Lost:

  • The second half of the Stranded Scions raid event started Aug. 1, 11 PM PT, in Dragalia Lost! Nightmare, Omega (Solo), and Omega (Raid) difficulties have been added.

Check out what’s new in Dragalia Lost:

Players are now able to take on the Okami crossover event in Monster Hunter Rise. Additionally, the second Challenge Quest is now available. Both quest’s details and rewards can be seen below:

  • Quest 13: Rising Sun!? (July 30th)
    • Objective:Deliver 16 White Wolf Pictures
    • Locale:Shrine Ruins
    • Conditions:None
    • Rewards:Materials for “Ammy Costume” (Palamute layered armor set based on Amaterasu from Okami)
  • Quest 2 (July 30th)
    • Objective:Slay a Zinogre
    • Locale:Arena
    • Conditions:Hunter Rank: HR 4 or higher, Party Size: Two Players Max


Check out what’s new in Dragalia Lost:

Visual novel Kochira, Haha Naru Hoshi Yori has received a second trailer from publisher Nippon Ichi Software and developer Daisyworld. This new trailer shows off the game’s various systems as well as dialogue between characters. Kochira, Haha Naru Hoshi Yori hits the Switch on October 28 in Japan. Check out the trailer here:


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[Review] Cris Tales

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System: Switch
Release date: July 20, 2021
Developer: SYCK / Dreams Uncorporated
Publisher: Modus Games

Cris Tales may have wowed us with its first few showings – colorful and whimsical animations, an interesting time-travel mechanic that not only works throughout the adventure but also in battle, and a friendly top-hat garnished frog friend that rides on your shoulder to give you tips on your powers and progression hints? Certainly, this is an unorthodox recipe, but what does Cris Tales turn out to be when all is said and done?

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Total physical and digital sales for Disgaea have now reached the 5 million milestone. Worldwide, the series has seen moderate success with physical and digital titles included in the total. Publisher and developer Nippon Ichi Software commemorated the event by cutting the price of certain games in the franchise on the eShop in Japan. Notably, newer title Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is also included in the price cuts. Check out the sales details below:

  • Nintendo eShop Sale from July 21 to August 3 (50% off)
    Disgaea 1 Complete
    Disgaea 4 Complete+
    Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
    Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny


Here are the latest events in Dragalia Lost: