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Kristala announced for Switch

Posted on February 16, 2022 by in News, Switch eShop

Publisher and developer Astral Clocktower Studios has announced that its action RPG Kristala is headed to Switch. Check out some more details on the game along with a trailer below.

Coupled with fresh gameplay and stunning cinematics created directly in Unreal Engine using the studio’s own custom 3D models and animations, the trailer also reveals the first major boss featured in Kristala—a cursed behemoth of an ogre voiced by David Simonich, the lead vocalist of American deathcore band, Signs of the Swarm.

Lovingly referred to as Cat Souls by convention-goers who have already had a chance to play early builds of Kristala, the game invites you into the role of a sapient, anthropomorphic feline warrior who must master the six magic specialties of the ancient Sacred Kristal in order to become a member of the famed Raksaka warriors—a skilled protector of your kind.

As you battle to complete this epic Raksaka Proving, you must also uncover who is behind the terrible curse that has suddenly befallen planet Ailur and mutated its peaceful creatures into bloodthirsty beasts hellbent on seeing you fail your mission.

While Kristala’s quick, crushing combat will undoubtedly appeal to players who enjoy the challenge of Soulslike titles, the game’s rich lore, robust storylines, and use of familiar animal characters expand its allure to a much broader audience.

The gameplay featured in the new Kristala trailer showcases just one clan of feline warriors, but the full release will allow you to choose between six different playable clans, each possessing its own unique magic specialties and combat strengths.

Three starting classes and various leveling trees—including a completely unique Feline Skill Enhancement leveling tree—amp up the overall replayability factor of Kristala and provide a minimum of 18 unique playthroughs for players to experience.

No release date for the Switch version of Kristala has been announced.

Source: Astral Clocktower Studios PR

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