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Last Moon, top-down action RPG, in the works for Switch

Posted on January 10, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Last Moon

Sköll Studio has been tinkering away on Last Moon, and fans will be happy to hear that it will eventually end up on Switch.

The game is a top-down action RPG in which a kingdom falls into chaos after a mage comes back to life and puts a curse on the moon. It’ll be up to you to bring peace back to the world.

As an action RPG, Last Moon will have plenty of combat. Players can dodge, block, and attack corrupted enemies. The game also stays true to the genre in other aspects including the ability to upgrade Lunar Knight powers, forging weapons, choosing skills, increasing weapons mastery levels. It’s even possible to find and equip over 30 Runes of the Ancients.

Outside of combat, you can explore the world, which even has day and night cycles. The time of day can sometimes impact certain places that can be accessed as well as other secrets.

Here’s a trailer showing a look at Last Moon in action:

The game doesn’t have any sort of release window at this time, but we should be hearing more about it in the months ahead. You can keep track of the official website here.

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