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Mario Tennis Aces launches June 22, new details

Posted on March 8, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News

Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo dated Mario Tennis Aces during its Nintendo Direct today. It’s due out on June 22, the company revealed.

Here are some new details:

– More than 15 playable characteristics
– Each have their own characteristics
– 4 players can step onto the court together
– Basic shot, topspin, slice, lob over your opponent’s head
– New zone shot: pinpoint any spot you want to aim at using motion controls
– These shots are very powerful, so your racket can take some damage
– If it takes 3 hits, it’ll break, so it can be an instant KO
– Can stop a zone shot with a block (perfect timing)
– Zone speed: when using this, the world around you moves in slow motion to perform incredible feats like chasing down quick shot
– Energy gauge slowly fills up the longer you keep a rally going
– Fastest way to fill it is with the new trick shot
– Special shot can even destroy your opponent’s racket, but not a guaranteed win
– Online play, online tournaments
– Can get special outfits and characters for participating in tournaments
– Swing mode using your Joy-Con
– Pre-launch online tournament planned

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