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Metroidvania game Plus Ultra: Legado heading to Switch

Posted on May 30, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Plus Ultra: Legado

Póntica has announced Plus Ultra: Legado, a comic-style, historical Metroidvania title. The game is currently in the works for Switch.

Plus Ultra: Legado recently ended up on Kickstarter where it received full funding. Fans helped to raise over €25,000, surpassing the funding goal. 

Find more information about the game in the following overview:

In recognition of Mesoamerican indigenous populations, Plus Ultra: Legado takes players through the sweeping landscapes of 16th-century Mexico. As a Metroidvania, Plus Ultra: Legado recounts the deep history between Spanish explorers and Mesoamericans. The game’s ligne-claire comic visuals create an entirely new gameplay experience, coined “the comicvania.”

Experience this historical journey as Don Juan, a Spanish explorer, on his daring mission to Veracruz to apprehend a conquistador. Alongside Don Juan, encounter friends, foes, and intimidating bosses as you learn the truths hiding among Mexico’s lush scenery. Interact with a 2D environment throughout your quest for details on this complicated conflict, or bypass the dialogue to keep the momentum of your gameplay. Intertwining plot and combat, Plus Ultra: Legado leaves the pace up to you!

In keeping with the hallmarks of the Metroidvania genre, Plus Ultra: Legado promises players the essentials of the beloved genre: 2D platforming, exploration, intricate labyrinthine maps, thrilling boss battles, and new abilities to unlock previously inaccessible areas. A concise and fast-paced movement set makes combat accessible for all fans of the genre, from speedrunners to lore lovers. Tying these assets together is Plus Ultra: Legado’s colorful comic art style, which adds interactive details–such as breakable speech bubbles and multi-layered backgrounds – to the immersive “comicvania” experience.

Take a look at a trailer for Plus Ultra: Legado below.

Announcement Trailer

The Kickstarter campaign is still live and you can contribute here.

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