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Netflix spoof game Landflix Odyssey announced for Switch

Posted on January 28, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Italian developer Fantastico Studio is cooking up an interesting-looking game for Switch. The company is working on Landflix Odyssey, a title that spoofs popular Netflix shows.

Landflix Odyssey will have players traveling through popular TV shows on a quest to save the world from Landflix’s evil CEO. You’ll relive some iconic events in the worlds of Peculiar Stuff (Stranger Things), Elder Thrones (Game of Thrones), Blindevil (Daredevil), Going Mad (Breaking Bad), The Standing Zombies (The Walking Dead). In each world / show, the player will look the part according to the show’s setting and will be granted new powers.

Below is a general overview with a bit of additional information:

The core of the game is that of a classic 2D platformer with pixel art graphics. Impersonating Larry, a beer loving average guy who spends his days binge watching, the player gets thrown inside the TV, where Landflix’s evil CEO is secretly planning to conquer the world. Who will take up the role of the hero stopping this devious villain? The player, of course, diving in this adventure through TV shows, reliving their most iconic events.

A Kickstarter for Landflix Odyssey will be going live on February 5. However, we’ve confirmed with the team that even if the goal isn’t met, we should still be seeing the game on Switch. We’ve heard that Switch is Fantastico Studio’s favorite console, and the team has contacts with publishers to make it happen on Nintendo’s console regardless of the upcoming campaign. That being said, the Kickstarter would be a way to avoid needing a publisher.

Landflix Odyssey is targeted for release in September. If you’d like to experience the game for yourself ahead of time, keep an eye on Indiexpo. A demo should be added to the site very soon.

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