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Nintendo on Smash Bros. Ultimate’s huge success

Posted on January 31, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

This information comes from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa…

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has achieved a sell-through of over 10 million units. The title has continued to show explosive growth after its release, with the fastest start for any title on any Nintendo home console ever.

This chart shows the Japanese sell-through of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from the time of its release up to the present. Within only 4 weeks from its release, this title exceeded the lifetime sell-through of the title with then greatest sell-through in the series to achieve the highest sell-through ever.

The first title of the Super Smash Bros. series was released on Nintendo 64 in 1999 and has since expanded with titles for Nintendo GameCube in 2001, Wii in 2008, and Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in 2014. Surveys show that the powerful momentum is coming not only from consumers who played their first-ever Super Smash Bros. game on Nintendo Switch, but also from the wide range of returning consumers who have played past games in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Every fighter that has previously appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series is in this title, hence the tagline of “Everyone is here!” In fact, the tagline could also apply to every consumer who enjoys playing games. For many years, Nintendo has striven to build good relationships with consumers and maintain them. This latest Super Smash Bros. title is like a giant gathering of everyone who has ever had access to Nintendo games at any stage in their lives during the 35 years that Nintendo has been continuously producing video games. As a result, we’re seeing a change in consumer demographics as people across a wide variety of age groups are all playing Super Smash Bros. There are plenty of consumers all over the world, regardless of age or gender, who have experienced Nintendo games, so we hope this will have a positive impact on the expansion of the Nintendo Switch business going forward.


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