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Nintendo’s DS to help doctors and nurses with new software

Posted on April 8, 2009 by (@NE_Austin) in DS, News


We’ve all heard stories of patients in hospitals playing their DS’ and using their Wiis for fitness and health, but now, Nintendo’s handheld will be taking an extra step in helping the medical profession get things done. A new software being developed by Community Engine will soon be implemented to help doctors and nurses monitor their patient’s health without the hassle of dragging around a clipboard. “Suguroku DS” can be used to record important medical data such as temperature, blood pressure, and various other vitals that could be key in saving a life; or curing a child’s stuffy nose. This data can then be transferred directly to a computer where it can be further distributed.

“Suguroku DS” is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in June of 2009, and will sell for a price of 40,000 yen, or $400 USD.


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