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Pirate-themed hack-and-slash game Captain Blood announced for Switch

Posted on June 17, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News

Captain Blood

Publisher Sneg, along with developers Seawolf Studio and General Arcade, today announced that Captain Blood will be released on Switch. The title is lacking a launch window for now.

Captain Blood is an action game with a hack-and-slash focus and pirate theme. The action is set in the 17th century and you’ll take on the role of a pirate seeking gold and glory. 

More information can be found in the following overview:

Captain Blood is a pirate-themed action game set on the Spanish Main in the 17th century, where you step into the boots of a fearsome pirate on a quest for gold and glory. Expect wild adventures with cannon firing, pistol shooting, swashbuckling sword fights, and plenty of pirate shenanigans. This action-packed hack’n’slash features fierce hand-to-hand combat, hordes of enemies, and a classic fighting system with flashy combos and epic finishers.

Prepare for intense deck battles where you can fire the ship’s cannons and fend off blood-thirsty boarding crews. Collect gold to upgrade your fighting skills, buy new weapons, and become the most feared buccaneer on the high seas. Fight for wealth and glory!

Key Features

  • Epic Pirate Shenanigans: As Captain Blood, live the life of the bravest and most fearsome pirate on the Spanish Main (or at least fake it convincingly).
  • Intense Action: Dive into fiery hand-to-hand combat and show enemy pirates and landlubbers alike who’s the boss with various slick combat techniques.
  • Ship Deck Brawls: Fight off enemy pirates trying to board your ship with unique moves, combos, and executions while blasting enemy ships to pieces with your cannons!
  • Arsenal of Awesomeness: Arm yourself with cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives, and hand bombs. Don’t forget those sneaky pirate tricks!
  • Graphic Novel Vibes: Enjoy a unique art style that feels like you’re flipping through a pirate comic book.

Get a look at a trailer for Captain Blood below.

Announcement Trailer

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