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Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition announced as next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial in Europe

Posted on October 13, 2021 by in News, Switch eShop

Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edtion will be offered as the next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial in Europe, Nintendo has announced. It will be available for free for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in the region.

Available to download now, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition’s Game Trial will go live on October 20 for players to try. Here’s an overview for the game:

The BAFTA Award-winning simulation and management game, Prison Architect, puts you in charge of your very own penitentiary. Look after your inmates by building a secure lockup, taking care of their needs, keeping them safe and healthy, and helping rehabilitate them into productive members of society.

Be careful – inmates are people, and if you treat them poorly you’ll find yourself with a riot on your hands. Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition is a premium edition which includes two popular expansions: All Day And A Night and Psych Ward, letting you up the challenge with new wardens and maps, as well as a new security class; the criminally insane.

It includes a fully-fledged story mode that explores the grim and gruesome reality of legal grey areas in the prison system, and a wildly in-depth sandbox mode. You can also upload your best builds to World of Wardens* so players across the globe can test-drive your creations.

Will you build a calm utopia of rehab and care, or come down on your inmates with an iron fist? After all, it’s your prison, your rules.

This Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial is currently only confirmed for Europe.


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