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Risk of Rain 2 for Switch getting Hidden Realms Update on March 24

Posted on February 28, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The next major update for Risk of Rain 2, known as “Hidden Realms” will land on Switch next month, Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have announced. Look for it on March 24.

Here’s a rundown as to what players can expect based on when the update first hit Steam:

• Added Survivor: Acrid
○ Acrid is a melee-range hybrid who uses powerful poisons to melt tanky enemies.

• Added 2 Stage Variants
○ ‘Stage Variants’ is a new system for CU3 that allows stages to have multiple layouts. We chose the first stages as a test ground for Stage Variants since they are the maps you see most often – our hope is that this system can help keep the game fresh, even when entering the same maps!
○ Titanic Plains Variant
○ Distant Roost Variant

• Added 2 Hidden Realms
○ New Hidden Realm: Void Fields
○ New Hidden Realm: Secret Hidden Realm

• Added 3 Skill Variants
○ New Skill Variant: REX Utility
○ New Skill Variant: Loader Utility
○ New Skill Variant: Acrid Utility

• Added New Skin: Acrid Skin

• Added New Monster: Void Reaver

• Added New Boss: Scavenger

• Added New Boss: Secret Boss

• Added 9 Items and 1 Equipment to the game
○ New Item: Razorwire
○ New Item: Fresh Meat
○ New Item: Ghor’s Tome
○ New Item: Resonance Disc
○ New Equipment: Jade Elephant
○ New Lunar Item: Visions of Heresy
○ New Lunar Item: Beads of Fealty
○ New Boss Item: Genesis Loop
○ New Boss Item: Pearl
○ New Boss Item: Irradiant Pearl

• Added Chest: Adaptive Chest

• Added Chest: Overgrown 3D Printer

• Added Shrine: Cleansing Pool

• Added Drone: Emergency Drone

• Added 3 Challenges to the game
○ New Challenge: …To Be Left Alone
○ New Class Challenge: REX: Dunked
○ New Class Challenge: Loader: Earthshatter

• Added 2 Environment Logs to the game
○ New Environment Log: Void Fields
○ New Environment Log: Secret Stage

• Added 6 Lore Entries to the game
○ New Item Lore Entry: Sticky Bomb
○ New Item Lore Entry: Visions of Heresy
○ New Item Lore Entry: Strides of Heresy
○ New Item Lore Entry: Gasoline
○ New Item Lore Entry: Personal Shield Generator
○ New Item Lore Entry: Brainstalks

==== Gameplay Changes ====
• General
○ Update regens to not be multipliers, but scaling flat bonuses to decouple benefits of regen items from base regen
○ The result of this is that all characters regardless of their baseline regeneration all benefit the same from regen items. This will only affect melee characters WITH regen items – nobody else is affected.
○ Reduce Boss Encounter (Aurelionite, Alloy Worship Unit, etc) health scaling by ~20%
○ Reduce Boss Encounter (Aurelionite, Alloy Worship Unit, etc) damage scaling by ~75%
○ Change ‘One Shot Protection’ calculation to include barrier
○ Our intent in changing OSP in this manner is to make sure that it is a hidden mechanic, not a reliable one to build a strategy around. We know there’s still edge cases that are abusable – but as long as it’s not ALWAYS the best strategy, we don’t mind having some end-game builds that are extremely powerful.
○ If you have 100% Health and 100% Barrier and take a billion damage, previously you would remain at 100% Health and 10% Barrier. You will now be at 10% Health, as intended before the inclusion of barrier in Scorched Acres.

• Survivors:
• Scrap Launcher
○ Cooldown: 3s ⇒ 1.5s.
○ Animation Duration: 0.4s ⇒ 0.3s.
○ Grenade Speed: 50m/s ⇒ 70m/s.

○ Update “Smoothie” skin to have fall colors and unique textures

○ Burst Duration: 0.3s ⇒ 0.2s
○ Animation Duration: 1s ⇒ 0.6s
○ Heal Percentage: 30% ⇒ 60%

• Seed Volley
○ Renamed DIRECTIVE: Drill
○ HP Cost: 30% ⇒ 0%
○ Tweak visuals and icons so its more mechanical and less flowery

• Loader

• Knuckleboom
○ Add small forward lunge
○ Extend size of hurtbox and effect

• Grapple/Spiked Fist
○ Minimum Length: 5m ⇒ 1m
○ This just means that the tether won’t break as easily from being really close to the grapple point

• Items

• Predatory Instincts
○ Remove proc effect growing in size for each stack.
○ Buff Duration: 2s ⇒ 3s

• Happiest Mask
○ Ghost Damage Boost: 300% ⇒ 1500%
○ Ghost Proc Chance: 10% ⇒ 7%

• Eccentric Vase
○ 🌧Thicken zipline visuals
○ 🌧Zipline Acceleration: 20 ⇒ 30
○ Cooldown: 100s ⇒ 45s

• Personal Shield Generator
○ Shield Health: 25(+25 per stack) ⇒ 8% (+8% per stack) maximum health

• Shaped Glass
○ 🌧Add special death message for dying while carrying Shaped Glass

 • Brainstalks
○ Buff Duration: 3s (+2s per stack) ⇒ 4s (+4s per stack)
○ 🌧Add slick camera effect when buff is active

 • Queen’s Gland
○ Spawns all possible guards at once when stacked, rather than one at a time

 • The Backup
○ Increase size of Backup Drones

• Frost Relic
○ 🌧Add area sphere to to clarify that it does damage in a sphere, not a disk

• Red Whip
○ 🌧Getting hurt no longer disables the buff
○ 🌧Update whip model, texture, and icon
○ Move whip movespeed over to a buff so it shows up in the bar

• Brittle Crown
○ Remove flat gold reduction on Brittle Crown

• Warbanner
○ 🌧Remove ‘Damage’ tag so it no longer spawns in Damage Chests

• Rusted Key
○ Increase lockbox size by 50% and make slightly shinier

• Stages

 • Abandoned Aqueduct
○ Reduce spawn cost of Clay Templars to match other maps with Clay Templars
○ Fix some collisions

• Scorched Acres
○ Add Alloy Vultures to the spawn list post-loop
○ 🌧Reduce spawn distance of Imp Overlord

• Bazaar Between Time
○ Update shop visuals

• Rallypoint Delta
○ Double frequency of Drones spawning in the map
○ 🌧Reduce spawn distance of Imp Overlord and Magma Worms

• Monsters
• 🌧 Add Grovetender to Wisp Family Event

 • Wisp
○ Spawn Cost: 9 ⇒ 10
○ Base Damage: 4 ⇒3.5

• Elites

• Malachite
• 🌧Add visual effect and overlay when affected by Malachite Debuff

• Drones
•🌧 Make all Drones resistant to AOE attacks, reducing their incoming damage by ~70%
•🌧 Purchased Gunner Turrets now persist between stages

==== QOL ====

• Update a ton of old particle effects to match new visual quality since release
• 🌧Prevent Golems from ever being chosen as a Teleporter boss
• 🌧Force Teleporter Boss to initially target the player who activated it
• 🌧Add ‘Are you sure you want to quit?’ confirmation dialogs
• 🌧Add selected difficulty to the stat sheet at the end of a run
• 🌧Prevent multishop terminals all having question marks
• 🌧Bypass ping cooldown for single player games
• 🌧Add option to enable/disable exp and money effects in the settings
• 🌧Add “Total Minion Kills’ on end of game report
• 🌧Add execution damage to Total Damage stat
• 🌧Update the visuals for items taken during 3D printing to be a bit clearer
• 🌧Add collider on Loader’s pylon to trigger pressure plates
• 🌧Raise wwise max memory pools from 32 to 64 to accommodate additional sound banks
• 🌧Force loadout button to always be visible even if you have no skills unlocked
• 🌧Update right edge of execution threshold bar not lining up with the actual value
• 🌧Shift Radar Tower/Scanner effect closer to green to make it not confusing with Vagrant Nova
• Fix inconsistent prices across maps for Missile Drones, Clay Templars, Beetle Guards, and Elder Lemurians
• Update Golem to match new visual quality since release
• Update a bunch of item displays that were too big or too small
• Add pickup droplet for Boss items
• Increase highlight threshold to increase outline clarity of items near walls
• Fix some items having incorrect outlines

==== Bug Fixes====
• Fix Teleporters not using the correct decal layer
• Reduce chance of camera clipping into walls
• Reduce particle count on Beetle Queen spit FX
• Fix vulture attacks creating particle systems that wouldn’t clean up themselves
• Fix Crowbar sound not playing over the network
• Fix Medkit sound not playing over the network
• Fix Guillotine sound not playing over the network
• Fix Shattering Justice buildup sound not playing over the network
• Fix Predatory Instincts effects not playing over the network
• Fix Merc Blinding Assault sound not playing over the network
• Fix Greater Wisp Death transmitting explosion effect for each client in multiplayer
• Fix a bunch of items not fading when close to the camera
• Update Engineer Turret not destroying itself for clients
• Add check to make sure a monster spawn is valid before adding to weighted selection (could affect early game spawn frequencies to be higher)
• Ensure Nano-Bomb state stops charging animation if interrupted
• Add missing Korean characters that previously defaulted to ‘?’
• Add missing French characters that previously defaulted to ‘?’
• Add “IMMUNE” hitmarker for translation
• Add extra life “REVIVED!” text for translation
• Add scoreboard headers for translation
• Add “Lv:” HUD text for translation
• Add “BLOCKED!” damage hitmarker message for translation


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