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Roguelite puzzle mashup Let’s! Revolution! coming to Switch

Posted on March 7, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Let's! Revolution!

Animation and design studio Buck is bringing Let’s! Revolution! to Switch, the company announced today. Look for it on April 11, 2024.

Let’s! Revolution! is a colorful roguelite puzzle mashup in which players fight to take down a tyrannical king. Read more about it in the following overview:

Make your way through maze-like puzzles inspired by Minesweeper to discover the hidden King and defeat (or avoid) his cronies on the way. Choose between six playable characters, each with their own tactical role and abilities. Stealthily teleport around the board as the Shadow, earning rewards for revealing as few tiles as possible or smashing through groups of tiles with the Trooper’s sweeping attacks.

Utilize turn-based tactics and deductive reasoning to traverse the land of Beebom. With every tile turned, discover opportunities to acquire items and abilities for an upper hand in this adventure leading to an epic final showdown with the villainous King. Meet Shopkeepers and a wealth of other helpful friends on this journey, each character more memorable than the last.

Forego tricky calculations and fickle probabilities with approachable board-game-inspired mechanics. Approach each interaction with strategy and precision. Collect over 100 items and abilities with the potential to deal a final blow to the vicious King.

The quest for liberation has never looked so gorgeous and inviting! Plan the next move, topple fierce enemies, and befriend helpful strangers, all set to beautifully detailed hand-drawn animation and cheeky dialogue. Get lost in a chill, vibrantly sonic world inspired by game scores of the late nineties crafted by long-time BUCK collaborator Antfood.

Buck CEO Emily Rickard said of today’s news: “We are incredibly grateful for all of the love and support that people have already shown Let’s! Revolution!, and we can’t wait to reach even more communities on these new platforms. The journey has only begun, so Minesweeper maniacs and turn-based strategists alike can prepare for Let’s! Revolution! on Nintendo Switch this April!”

Get a look at a trailer for the game below.

Console Trailer

Let’s! Revolution! will be sold on the Switch eShop for $19.99.

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