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Roguelite real-time strategy game Grit & Valor: 1949 announced for Switch

Posted on May 30, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Grit & Valor: 1949

Today, publisher Megabit and developer Milky Tea announced Grit & Valor: 1949. A release is planned for 2025 on Switch.

Grit & Valor: 1949 is a roguelite real-time strategy game, which is set in an alternate World War 2. Players take control of an elite squad of mech and battle the Evil Axis forces.

More information can be found in the following overview:

It’s 1949; World War II rages on.

Lead your brave squad of resistance Mech Pilots against the Evil Axis forces and turn the tide of World War II in this alternate history dieselpunk setting. Your mission is to escort a Command Vehicle across Europe and into the heart of New Germany. There, the vehicle will deploy its cargo; an EMP designed to destroy Machine Tower, the enemy’s central HQ.

Key Features

  • An Unstoppable Enemy. a Dieselpunk Dystopia – The Axis have seized control of Europe using giant mechanized warriors to turn the tide of the war and obliterate most of the Allied forces. Deadly Axis Mechs patrol the landscape, flushing out rebels but survivors remain and have regrouped under the new flag of The Resistance. You must lead a squad of brave Pilots and their captured Mechs in a daring mission to take down the enemy from within. Deliver the EMP into the heart of Axis territory and destroy Machine Tower, their huge oil refinery and communications Headquarters, and turn the tide of the war!
  • Evolved Real-time Tactics Gameplay – Each new Region and battlefield you enter presents a new challenge with unique combinations of enemy waves and terrain. Think fast to move and position your Mechs to withstand the assault while defending your Command Vehicle. The use of terrain and other tactical advantages will be critical to completing your mission objectives!
  • Build the Ultimate Mech Squad – You have the freedom to customize and configure your squad of Mechs and Pilots to adapt your tactics for each new mission. Earn Valor to level up your Pilot’s unique abilities and Scrap to upgrade your Mechs before to gain the advantage on the battlefield.
  • Regroup. Rebuild. Redeploy – Prepare for each Mission to be different as the battlefields, enemies you face and any rewards you receive, will never be the same twice. Remember, if your Command Vehicle is destroyed, your Mission is over, and you must return to the Resistance Base, upgrade your squad, and re-strategize!

Aonic managing director of global publishing Benjie Clarke said today: “It’s no coincidence that Grit & Valor: 1949 is the first game published under Megabit, as it perfectly represents the reason why we built our new publishing arm, to support experiences and studios like this. Milky Tea is a passionate group of visionary developers and it’s truly an honor to help them realize their extraordinary vision.”

Milky Tea producer Kevin Campbell added: “We’re delighted to announce our first game with Megabit today. We can’t wait for players to discover more of our vision for crafting a truly original roguelite experience, which combines popular mechanics from tower defense and strategy games, while spinning it into something fresh and exciting.”

Announcement Trailer

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