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Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town announced for Switch, receiving a worldwide release

Posted on February 8, 2024 by in News, Switch

September 15: In the deluge of new game announcements that happened in the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation, Neos Corporation took the opportunity to reveal a new title of theirs, Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town. While the game was initially only confirmed to launch this winter in Japan, the company has clarified that it will also be receiving a worldwide release at a later date.

Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town is a successor to the previous game in the series, Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven-Day Journey. With Millenium Kitchen once again developing the game, players can expect a familiar, relaxing life-simulation-style game set in a new mysterious town.

You can check out a brief synopsis of the game below.

Shin-chan and the Nohara family visit the town of Akita. The game depicts Shin-chan’s life full of various experiences with Shiro as he travels between two worlds—the real world and a mysterious town. With familiar characters, unique characters that stir up the story, and detailed graphics and settings, Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town can be enjoyed by a wide range of players of all ages, from Shin-chan fans to gamers who want to experience an full-scale story.

Additionally, since the first game was so well received worldwide, we also plan to release Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town overseas rather than just in Japan. We will announce the release date and game details for each region in due course.

Additionally, here are a handful of trailers released for the game:

Source, Thank you to Gematsu for the translation

February 8: A new trailer has been released, which we have below.

Second Trailer

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