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Slice-of-life sim The Garden Path coming to Switch

Posted on August 22, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The Garden Path

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Garden Path will be made for Switch.

Developer carrotcake not only managed to reach its initial £20,000 funding goal, but ended up with just over £30,000. The full, original vision for the project can now be realized, and the game will also now feature local multiplayer.

Learn more about The Garden Path by checking out the following overview and trailer:

Far from your old life, you find yourself a new wilderness – a life once lived in these dense woods, waiting to be rediscovered.

The Garden Path explores the quiet moments of a life well lived, where your garden will grow to reflect both the passing of time and your own design. Time here runs in concert with the real world, and the passing of seasons heralds new encounters and a new story to weave.

Above all, The Garden Path is a life sim that celebrates the tranquil and the pensive, a tucked-away place to shape and grow as you like.

Designed to be played as and when you wish, The Garden Path features a wealth of stories, activities and distractions to be experienced at your own pace. Don’t have time to watch your flowers grow? Come back tomorrow: time in the garden passes alongside the real world, and you’ll find plants you nurtured one day may bloom the next.

You won’t be alone in your new home. Charming inhabitants will come and go, from Bunk, the tea-brewing macaque to Larto, a Greenlandic Musk Ox with a penchant for song-fish. You may even find some visitors willing to make their home alongside your own!

The garden is calm and still. A tender world of familiar sights and sounds, melody, and friendly faces. A space to call your own, to curate, and to reflect.

With a unique hand-drawn aesthetic, The Garden Path’s stunning visual design embraces you from the start, inviting you in and welcoming you to stay. Combined with unique soundtracks for both day and night, it won’t be long before you’re lost in the flow.

Key Features

– A humble gardening life-sim with real-time progress even when you’re away.
– Rich illustrated visuals and original soundtracks that draw you in.
– A charming cast of characters, all with their own stories to tell.
– A far away corner to call your own – somewhere to pause and stay awhile.

Although the campaign has now ended, you can visit the official Kickstarter page for The Garden Path here.

Source: carrotcake PR

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