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Stickernauts Paintwars, couch co-op paintball shooter with 3D printed NFC figurines, looking to come to Switch through Kickstarter

Posted on March 25, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Moragami launched a Kickstarter today for Stickernauts Paintwars, a couch co-op paintball shooter. It goes beyond the idea of just a game as the studio is looking to include an optional element involving 3D printed NFC figurines.

Here’s some additional information about the whole project:

Stickernauts Paintwars is a couch co-op paintball shooter with a twist: you can design your own avatars and order 3D printed NFC-enabled figurines of your avatars and transport them into the game on different gaming platforms. You do not need to own a 3D printer.

The NFC figurines allow you to use your avatar across PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile. You can teach them new skills and even combine skills. Ordering 3D printed figurines is not required in order to enjoy the full game, but it will enhance your gaming experience.

How do you turn physical objects into playable avatars?

The game is a couch co-op paintball shooter with a twist: you can design and order 3D printed avatars with NFC stickers, which allows you to teleport your avatar in the game on all gaming platforms and smartphones. You can also turn any physical object into a playable avatar by designing and ordering an interactive NFC sticker online, and affixing it to the object. This way you can turn any toy, figure, playing card or other items that you own into a playable avatar and use them in the game. Ordering 3D printed figurines or NFC stickers is not required in order to enjoy the full game, but enhances the gaming experience. You do not need to own a 3D printer in order to get 3D printed figurines.

How do you design and receive your NFC-enabled avatars?

You can draw your own avatar with an online editor. It is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Then you can order online a 3D printed figurine or an NFC sticker of your avatar. The items will be delivered to your home or address you specify in a few business days.

How is the game different from toys-to-life games?

The game is an “objects-to-life” game, not a “toys-to-life game” in its original meaning You can order 3D printed figurines of avatars that you design, and use them in the game You can make any physical object come to life, like toys, figures, playing cards and other You can design your own custom avatars and are not limited to developer-design avatars. You are not required to buy and collect NFC-enabled figurines, in order to enjoy the game. The NFC-enabled avatars enhance the gaming experience, but ordering any is fully optional.

Moragami is hoping to raise £43,000 through Kickstarter to help make Stickernauts Paintwars a reality. If you’re interested in contributing, you can do so here.

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