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Strategy RPG roguelike Food Devils planned for Switch, Switch 2

Posted on May 18, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch 2, Switch eShop

Food Devils

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Food Devils is planned for release on not only Switch, but Switch 2 as well.

The strategy RPG roguelike, which is inspired by games such as Fire Emblem and Darkest Dungeon, reached its funding target in only 72 hours. The total is well over $50,000 and a console stretch goal was recently met. Studio Daimon tells us that the project is targeting Switch, but also that system’s successor.

A bunch of information about the game can be found in the following overview:

You’re the last chef in a post-apocalyptic world!

Following centuries of excessive pollution, the gods reversed the food chain as a punitive measure against humanity. Centuries passed by, and society regressed to a primitive state! In this harsh new world, humans now inhabit biomes that each manifest a different sin of their former civilization:

  • The Ashen Forest, a land of eternal flames, symbolizes the consequences of deforestation and forest fires.
  • The Fungal Grotto represents industrial discharge and pollution, with its toxic, parasitized environment.
  • The Candy Cane Canopy reflects the excesses of capitalism and GMOs, a bizarre landscape where monsters are composed of junk food.
  • The Spectral Shores are haunted by eerie chimeras with plastic appendages, a stark reminder of the relentless sea pollution.

The Food Devils, embodiments of human ideals taken to extremes, offer dubious Contracts to the desperate survivors. Each Devil’s flawed nature presents unique opportunities and challenges!

Create the perfect ambience in your restaurant and romance any of the 5 Devils or pair them together, without gender restrictions. Who knows, some may even take a special interest in you… But don’t expect conventional relationships! They’re deeply idealistic and, after all, they are still Devils.

Food Devils combines the strategic depth of classic SRPGs with roguelike elements. You can also build and run your own restaurant to attract new adventurers and power up Devils and humans alike with monstrous food!

Key Features

  • Master every move in grid-based tactical combat, inspired by classics like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. With stunning 2.5D graphics, each battle offers a visually fresh and strategically engaging experience!
  • Explore 4 unique biomes in a corrupted world! Each expedition is procedurally generated, but patterns can be learned even in this ever-evolving landscape. The flexible difficulty options ensure a tailor-made experience just for you!
  • Customize your restaurant with all sorts of whimsical furniture, prepare monstrous food and attract human adventurers! Unlock new tools and facilities to help you gear up for the perfect expedition into the deadly biomes.
  • Start each run by assembling a party with 1 Food Devil and 4 human adventurers, available in classes: Warrior, Shielder, Mage, or Healer. Signing a Devil Contract boosts their skills, stats, and mobility. Customize their appearances and palettes too!

Check out the trailer below to see the game in action.

Reveal Trailer

Food Devils has a soft release window of Q4 2025. You can find more information about the project and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here.

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