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Super Mario Odyssey details – controls, gameplay variety, diverse Kingdoms, more

Posted on June 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News

– Hat serves as a weapon, a platform, a way to collect items and a tool to capture enemies
– Hat throws mapped to Joy-Con motion controls
– Can also use the X and Y buttons to fling it
– Flicking your wrists once throws the hat out
– Flicking them up or down will send your hat in those directions
– Flicking both wrists also creates a spin attack, spinning the hat around Mario
– Switch Pro Controller supported, which has gyro support
– Capture Bullet Bills to fly across areas inaccessible to Mario before
– Capture lightbulb-like objects to zoom to inaccessible areas of New Donk City
– Worlds called Kingdoms
– Capturable giant binoculars that give you a better vantage point of the whole area
– Capturing a Chain Chomp will let you break down huge obstacles
– Extremely stretchy-legged monster used to hop to new platforms
– Wild-looking capture opportunities were part of the huge prototyping process that took place for Super Mario Odyssey
– It was this process that lead to the game’s different Kingdoms, with different game mechanics
– Stages have high density of gameplay elements
– Mario must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser yet again
– He’s taken her far outside of the Mushroom Kingdom for this jaunt
– Not saying how many Kingdoms in the game, but they’ll be diverse
– See things never before in Mario titles
– Many of these you’ve seen in the real world
– Power Moons are the things you collect
– These power Mario’s airship as he flies from Kingdom to Kingdom
– Instead of Mario being kicked out to a main world after he finds each, he’ll keep moving ahead to new ones
– Far more Power Moons than main-game collectables in games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine
– There aren’t also any “mandatory” story moons to collect as well
– This was difficult to develop for
– Can continue the story or just explore and go at your own pace
– Choosing either of those play styles is something Nintendo hadn’t really had to do before in a 3D Mario


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